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6 Must-Visit Attractions in Bangkok – Experiencing a Distinctive City

In the city of Bangkok, you will find many must-visit attractions that will draw the interest of the visitor, like the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Jim Thompson House Museum and Wat Arun.


Grand Palace

As its name indicates, the Grand Palace is a lavish and eye-catching complex that is sure to impress. Although its invaluable relics are kept concealed from the view of the public, you will still have the opportunity to admire the splendid buildings and lofty spires of the Grand Palace. Another significant attraction within this compound is Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This renowned temple houses the priceless Emerald Buddha statue which is considered to be a national treasure.


Wat Pho

Wat Pho is another popular religious attraction in the Thai capital. The centrepiece of this temple is the enormous reclining Buddha statue that it houses. This colossal statue measures no less than 46 m in length and never fails to amaze the visitor with its proportions. In addition to this mammoth statue, Wat Pho also features a collection of vibrantly coloured murals that consist of more than 400 different depictions of the Buddha. You will also find a school teaching traditional Thai style massage within the temple compound.


Chatuchak Weekend Market

The mind-boggling Chatuchak Weekend Market is considered to rank amongst the largest flea markets on the globe. You are likely to find almost any kind of good that you could imagine if you take the trouble to find it in this vast marketplace. Interesting kinds of merchandise that you could find at Chatuchak Market include rare artworks as well as handicrafts from the northern part of Thailand. If you would rather evade the crowds, you can visit the market in the early morning hours when it will be much easier to move through the numerous aisles.


Jim Thompson House Museum

This unique museum consists of six handsome traditional teakwood houses that have been constructed in the distinctive Thai manner. These houses were at one time the possession of Jim Thompson, an American businessman who is recognised for popularising Thai silk across the globe. This museum features relics of Thompson in addition to interesting pieces of art that he acquired from the various regions of Thailand. As you might expect, pieces of Thai silk are included in the displays of this one of a kind museum.


Wat Arun

The Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun in the local language is a magnificent temple which stands alongside the Chao Phraya River which flows through the city of Bangkok. This prominent temple contains five towers that will undoubtedly catch the eye of the observer. You will see that these towers have been embellished with vibrantly coloured ceramic tiles and pieces of porcelain. An accommodation choice to consider from which this temple could easily be visited would be Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel which also provides attractive Bangkok hotel offers to choose from.


Bangkok National Museum

Culture and art lovers are sure to be enthralled by the engrossing Bangkok National Museum. Within this museum, you will find a splendid collection of Thai artworks and other artefacts relating to the culture of Thailand. In addition to artworks, you will encounter artefacts from the Neolithic period, religious objects and craft work from the different regions of Thailand here. Visitors will also have the opportunity to join a tour of the museum conducted by a knowledgeable guide.