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Updated by April Rose Casiple Semogan on Apr 21, 2020
Headline for Australian Traffic Law: 10 Essential Road Safety Rules To Observe Amidst Pandemic
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Australian Traffic Law: 10 Essential Road Safety Rules To Observe Amidst Pandemic

Coronavirus has become a global pandemic that affects businesses as well as ordinary people. As we deal with it, we have to make adjustments with our daily routine since the government has issued protocols to follow, especially staying at home to prevent the contagion. Though it’s inevitable to go for a drive especially when you have to go to the supermarket, pharmacies or important errands. If you are in Australia, here are ten essential driving habits to observe for safety purposes.

Drive Less

If there’s no urgent matters for you to attend to, then stay indoors. It’s important that you abide by the regulations implemented by local health authorities. Limit the places where you drive to slow the spread of the virus. When you’re driving, avoid making too many stops and interaction to lessen the chances of getting exposure.

Plan Your Route

Expect roadblocks and detours, as such, you need to carefully plan your route.Now, more than ever, you need to do your homework and search for the areas that are temporarily closed. This way, you can map out the roadways you’ll be taking and it could save you time. On top of that, be aware of daily travel advisories.

Limit Your Passengers

Remember, you’re not going on a picnic or field trip. Amidst this pandemic, it’s imperative to limit your passengers and if possible, just drive on your own. Having kids or elders on your can can make things more complicated due to increased risk of possible exposure. In any event that you need to transport a passenger, just make sure to keep your distance and have them seated at the back.

Be Cautious When Filling Up

The pandemic has caused a dramatic decrease in the price of fuel, so it’s wise to fill up your tank now. However, you need to be cautious when touching the fuel pump handle. It’s recommended to wear gloves while handling the fuel pump handle and it’s imperative that you wash or sanitize your hands after.

Postpone Car Service

The government deemed car maintenance and repair services essential during this pandemic. However, until the stay-at-home protocol is lifted, it’s better to postpone this service. It’s better to be safe during these times and if your car is still in good condition, certainly, maintenance can wait until the pandemic has ceased.

Make Hand Washing or Sanitizing A Habit

You probably have heard this a thousand times already, but please take this seriously. If you are outside, you’ll be handling or touching a number of things, so, hand washing or sanitizing is important, now more than ever. Good hygiene on the road is much like that at home, but you need to be more careful when it comes to high-traffic roadside stops, including gasoline stations and supermarkets as well as banks. Wearing of surgical masks is highly recommended when outdoors.

Disinfect Your Car

As much as you keep a good hygiene, the same applies to your car. Be sure to disinfect areas of your car that frequently touched. Car parts such as steering wheel, interior door handle, gear-shift knob, seatbelt, radio, and cup holder require frequent disinfection. These are also the areas where contamination can possibly occur. So, it’s best to disinfect to prevent worse-case scenarios.

Don’t Ignore Seat Belts

Yes, the roads are no longer congested but that does imply that you can ignore road rules such as not wearing a seatbelt. You can never be too careful out there, so be sure to remember this. On top of that, the police are everywhere, regardless of our present situation, failure to follow traffic rules is an offence that is punishable by the law.

Sleeping Inside The Car Should Be Avoided

While it is legal in some Australian states, sleeping inside your car should be avoided without any valid reason. Front liners are often seen sleeping in their cars and that's understandable. Staying at home or indoors is highly demanded by the authorities. As such, you need to make sure that you will not get caught somewhere else, like sleeping in your car parked in the supermarket’s parking lot. Be responsible enough to stay within the premises of your home and when outside, see to it that you get home after your errands are completed.

Observe Speed Limit

If you think that it’s okay to disregard speed limits at these times - you’re wrong! It’s imperative that you follow traffic laws in order not to get in trouble with the authorities. There’s no excuse when it comes to road rules and remember, the law excuses no one, speeding offences lawyers reminded.