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Technology top ten

These are the top ten websites I would use in my future classroom

Class Dojo

Class dojo is an easy to use platform that assists teachers with attendance, behavior and a lot more. Class dojo allows students to collaborate as it lets teachers put students into groups and substitutes many behavioral tactics normal classrooms use. Class Dojo also lets teachers share pictures and announcements with parents in a social media type way. This is more teacher centered in my opinion because it has many features that help with everyday things teachers do. I would use this in my classroom to take attendance, share progress with parents and monitor behavior.

Welcome back to Kahoot! for schools

Kahoot is a game based platform that allows students to learn in a fun and interactive way. Kahoot requires students to collaborate, as it allows them to work in teams. It can be used as a substitute for quizzes or review games and promotes healthy competition. Kahoot is both student and teacher centered because it takes the pressure of a normal quiz for students, and teachers can get immediate results to know what they can work on.


Nearpod is a platform that allows teachers to show powerpoints directly to their students and assess them as they go. Nearpod requires critical thinking for students to complete activities and collaboration with their classmates if they choose to work in groups. Nearpod can be used as a substitution for powerpoints or review games as a more engaging way to learn. It is both teacher and student centered as it allows students to learn more interactively and lets students see immediate results.


Flipgrid is a platform that allows teachers to create a grid where students respond to questions with videos. Flipgrid requires students to think critically as they must understand the content and respond with a well thought out verbal response. Flipgrid is both teacher and student centered as it lets teachers see their students understand the content and students learn interactively. I would use Flipgrid to ensure my students full understanding of a topic.


BrainPOP is a website that provides videos and activities for students of all ages on all subjects. BrainPOP makes it easy for students to learn and emphasizes teachers content. It requires students to critically think through the interactive activities and substitutes paper pencil worksheets and lectures. It is both teacher and student centered. I would use brainpop to teach about topics that can be difficult to talk about and for the many activities too assess my students understanding.


Flocabulary is a plaform for students full of songs, videos and activities for all ages. Flocabulary' uses educational raps and teaching lesson plans to engage students. Flocabulary allows students to think creatively and collaborate with classmates to create their own songs. It substitutes normal vocabulary lessons for interactive and fun ones. This is both teacher and student centered as it is a fun platform to learn from and easy to use. I would use this in my classroom to introduce vocabulary.


Plickers is another assessment platform that allows teachers to take polls and get immediate results through a QR code. Plickers allows students to collaborate by working in groups and can substitute a normal quiz or review game. This makes it both teacher and student centered because similar to kahoot, it allows students to collaborate and gives teachers immediate results.


Schoology is a platform known as a learning management system (LMS) that comes with a variety of tools to help teachers in the classroom. Schoology encourages students to critically think and substitutes paper pencil activities. It is both student and teacher centered. I would use schoolology to add more technology to my classroom.


GoNoodle is a platform that encourages and teaches children physical fitness in a fun and interactive way. GoNoodle substitutes in person P.E. and allows students to get fit at home on their own. It is more student centered because it is geared towards younger more impressionable kids. I would use this in my classroom to encourage students to get fit, especially during these times of social distancing.




Quiver is a program that allows students to bring their art to life. Quiver animates drawing and allows students to learn in a creative and interactive manner. Quiver lets students be creative and collaborate with one another to bring things together. I would say quiver completely redefines how things were previously done because it is something that has never been seen before and does something really neat. It is more student centered. I would use this in my classroom to have students interact with things first hand that we are learning about.