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Updated by Liudas Butkus on Jun 23, 2014
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Internet Marketing

Easter Advertising Gift From LinkedIn

Before Easter Linkedin sent me a coupon to my email. A coupon for $50 of advertising. I wasn't burning with excitement to try it out, because usually when you use a coupon you are still asked to pay just a little which I was, but I decided to give it a go.

Why Google Stopped Sending Me Traffic?

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you check is your Google Analytics and what you see shocks you. Your websites traffic has dropped significantly. What has happened, was your web-host down for the night. No, you see a drop the next day too and you realize that Google stopped sending you the traffic that it used to.

Twitter Is Hungry

Twitter isn't a really typical social media site. For most people including me it looks stupid. A feed full of random 140 character messages, hundreds upon hundreds every minute, almost no chance of being noticed. Still, Twitter is powerful, but because it isn't a standard social media site it doesn't have standard ways of monetizing its user base so, it has to think creatively.

Safeguarding Your WordPress Blog From Hackers

When you have website you know that it gets exposed to a lot of dangers. It is true that our websites do have vulnerabilities and there is always a danger of getting hacked. There are hackers out there who do it to get access to important or sometimes sensitive information or just for fun sake.

To Focus Or Not To Focus?

Focus is very important for humans in general and for entrepreneurs especially. It's really to jump from one thing to another, from one project to other and don't get anything done, have everything in the beginning phase.

Content Marketing Strategy For Branding

Everyone is crazy about the content. Content is king. Quality content is king. You need to start content marketing etc. Yes, content is now more important than ever before and having a content marketing strategy for your business is important.

Klout Doesn't Sleep

Klout one of the most popular sites that ranks authority figures based on their presence on the internet. Klout uses data from tons of different sites mostly social media and uses that data to rank people according to their algorithm which they don't reveal so, it wont get manipulated like Google gets manipulated after each of its algorithm update.

LinkedIn Improves Conversations

LinkedIn the largest professional network out there made an improvement to the conversations that are happening on it. You can now mention your LinkedIn connections when talking on it.

How To Build A High Quality Backlink Profile

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors on search engines. Backlinks can get your from Google's page 100 to the top of page 1, but also backlinks can take you from page 1 down to page 100. Thanks to the Google Penguin update backlinks aren't equal anymore.

Several Tips To Capture Target Audience From Smartphones

Nowadays, there are many people using smartphones for their daily activities. More than 50% of adult usually use smartphones to find some information from the Internet. If you want to attract more visitors to your blogs or websites, you should learn how to get your target audience from smartphones.

How To Get More Retweets And Traffic?

The goal behind every single one of your tweet is to get the most retweets and be spread around Twitter attracting more attention to you and maybe even getting viral. Great news Hubspot has release a free tool called RetweetLab this tool analyzes any Twitter account for stuff like: what kind of tweets received more retweets?

Are You Looking For New Ways To Generate Traffic?

Sometimes you sit in front of your computer and think what could you do to help your business, usually you think about getting more traffic, but nothing comes to mind what could you do for an easy boost of traffic. Don't worry I got you covered, I have a list of 97 ways of traffic generation.

How To Get More Traffic From SlideShare

Looking for new ways to get more traffic? Have you tried SlideShare it's one of the most popular if not the most popular slide sharing sites out there, it gets tons and tons of traffic every day and you can take advantage of it by uploading your own slide presentations to it.

Should You Capitalize On This Growing Trend?

Do you want to be the entrepreneur who is ahead of everyone else? Well, yes of course. Here's a trend that I think you as an internet marketer should investigate, it isn't something new, but majority of your competitors still doesn't get it. The trend is online video.

How To Make Your Facebook Marketing Mobile Friendly

Many businesses market on Facebook using one tactic or another, but not a lot of businesses realize that around 70% of Facebook users access their account using mobile devices. So, all of your Facebook marketing has to be mobile friendly or you are risking to loose 70% of the users.

What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

I'm sure when you are blogging you don't think what kind of blogger you are, but it's fun to figure it out isn't? I found an article describing 7 different blogger types, check them out and look can you figure out what type best fits you or maybe a few of them?

11 Marketers Tools To Check Out

There are tons and tons of different tools for marketers out there. Everyone usually has a different list of marketing tools that he uses. Tools make all the marketing process much easier. today I found a list of marketing tools that Miranda Miller uses who is an active marketer.

The Encyclopedia Of Internet Marketing

Are you looking for some info around a specific internet marketing topic or are you interested in deepening your knowledge around a specific topic for free? Well, I found a whole encyclopedia of internet marketing guides, a list of 80 guides around different topics like Facebook, LinkedIn, Search, Social media, advertising, email marketing etc.

How To Prepare For The Upcoming Google Panda Update?

Remember one of the biggest and baddest Google updates, the Google Penguin? It sure was a pain in the ass of tons and tons of webmasters. Lots of websites lost their rankings and stopped receiving traffic from Google.

What You Need To Know To Reach The Results You Want In Blogging?

Blogging is a journey, you start it by creating your blog and publishing your first post and you start learning and improving and you get some results 50 visits a day, 100, 200 etc. First affiliate sale from a banner and other good stuff, but it takes time to reach the results, because you firstly need to gain the skills and learn all the lessons.

Get Way More Views Than You Usually Do For Your YouTube Videos

You surely remember the hit song Gangnam Style which currently has 1,5 billion views on YouTube, amazing huh, maybe one day it will reach 2 billion who knows, but I'm not here to talk about future predictions.

Should You Consider The Career Of A Freelance Copywriter?

Do you love writing? Do you have something good to say? Do you love freedom? Do you hate working in an office? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you might want to consider the career of a freelance copywriter.

How Do You Run A 300k+/month Internet Marketing Business?

Are you ever wondering how is your business doing, is your conversions good, are you making enough sales and are you making enough money compared to others. Well, this is a hard question to answer when you don't have nothing to compare it to, you don't got partners, friends or just people that you know who are running an online business.

Google's Location Relevance System

Google loves acquiring patents, it has tons of them and I think they haven't even used all of the ideas that they have patented. I also think that acquiring patents has become a big pat of their business even though some of their patents are just laughable IMHO, but they give Google a huge benefit.

Why You Need A Content Marketing Strategy?

CONTENT MARKETING. Why? Why do you need content marketing? Why is everyone talking about it? Maybe it's just a fad that everyone is trying to sell to you? Maybe, it doesn't even work. Lets put everything straight, here's 10 reasons why you need content marketing: Click here to read them...