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Updated by Joanna James on Apr 20, 2020
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5 Facts About the Maldives You might not Know - Fun facts for the curious minds!

With 1% of land and 99% water, the Maldivian Archipelago is located in the sublime Indian Ocean. It has been regarded as an absolute gem offering experiences unlike any other for the visitors. Here are some of the facts you ought to know about this island nation!


Cabinet meeting underwater

A lot of people have been to quite boring meetings with dull meeting venues. But here in the Maldives, they took it up a notch. Back in the year 2009, the government had its first cabinet meeting underwater! They had geared up with oxygen tanks and scuba-diving gear and ditched the business ties and suits. This meeting was aiming to create awareness of the looming global warming threat to the Maldivian nation that is low-lying.


Flattest country

The Republic of Maldives has won quite a few awards and titles. It is also a country that is placed in the Guinness world record for being the flattest and lowest country across the world. It has a maximum height of about 2.4 m above sea level. And that is truly low. Some of the best resorts in the Maldives are located close to the sea. If you would like to book accommodation in such a place, you can check out a property like Adaaran Maldives.


Whale sharks

The biggest fish in the world is the whale sharks and these are astounding creatures which seeks refuge in the Maldivian waters. The Maldives happens to be among the very few countries where you can view whale sharks in their natural habitat all year round. People who have a knack for adventure can opt for a scuba-diving expedition to swim alongside these magnificent marine creatures.


26 Atolls and 1190 coral island

This might be known as a small nation, but if you compare the number of islands that belongs to the Maldives, you would not be thinking as such. There are around 1190 coral islands belonging to this country and is separated into 26 atolls. Some of these are private islands that have been turned into luxury resorts. This is what makes the Maldives an ideal beach getaway and a tropical haven. It offers the utmost privacy to anyone who seeks it.



The Maldives is a nation that boasts of many incredible things. It is of no surprise why this place has become a true paradise island and is quite popular among the beach bums. However, due to the impending changes in climate, there have been drastic effects on this island nation. Climate change has increased land erosion and also increased sea levels. And as a result, the islands belonging to the Maldives are being affected adversely. Even the coral levels are beginning to plummet and the government are trying to employ very strict laws and legislations in order to prevent further degradation and damage to the corals. This nation needs to be protected at all costs; the beautiful people, the culture and the sceneries are unlike any other.

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