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05 Popular Festivals Celebrated In Singapore -The unique culture fests

Singapore is a country that is a blend of various cultures and religious groups, and here are the best festivals celebrated in Singapore.



This is almost a week-long festival that is celebrated widely in the southern part of India. Indians who live in Singapore also celebrate this grandly at the beginning of the auspicious month. This festival usually falls in January of every year and if you are visiting this country during the time you will be able to see that a lot of the Indian settlement areas in Singapore will be celebrating this festival in an amazing fashion. If you are put up at hotels near Mapletree business city in Singapore the likes of Park Hotel Alexandra, the Indian part of the country is not too far for you to travel.


The Chinese New Year

The first day of the Chinese New Year is also known as the spring festival in this country. This festival will usually fall on the new moon day and is of high significance and importance to the Chinese people. The people utilise this festival like a spring-cleaning session and try to rid the home of all the negative energy and start the year fresh. This celebration lasts for about two weeks in Singapore. During the year 2020, this festival happened on January 25th and January 26th.


Thai Poosam

If you are someone with a faint heart and get easily worked up when you look at wounds and scars, this festival is not for you. Celebrated for Lord Murugan, this festival has a procession of people who appears themselves all over the body and sometimes even have piercings that go through their cheeks and tongues. This festival happened on the 8th of February this year.


The Lantern Festival

This is a spring festival and is originating from China. Known to be one of the most popular festivals in the country, this festival marks the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration. During this day of the year, children carry paper lanterns outside and release them up in the sky.


Vesak Day

If you are from Sri Lanka or any other Buddhist country similar to Singapore, you would have heard about this already. The festival is celebrated to mark the enlightenment and the demise of Lord Buddha. The Vesak festival day happens on the full moon during the month of Vesak and usually is in May. In most of the Buddhist countries, the Vesak is also known to be a festival of lights. During the year 2020, Vesak falls during the first two weeks of May.


The New Year

This is obviously a much-celebrated festival all other the world. And even though the day is auspicious to Christians, all the religions tend to celebrate the new year day in some form or the other. The whole of Singapore is lighted up for the New Year and there will be many events and shows happening around the country, be it traditional or otherwise.

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