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6 Reasons to Move to Canada – A Beautiful and Alluring Country

There are a number of good reasons to move to Canada; these include the safety it offers, the emphasis on education, being a multi-ethnic and broad-minded society, economic stability and strength, natural beauty, and so on.



Canada boasts a low rate of crime that is the envy of other nations. Violent criminal actions are exceedingly rare with a rate of gun ownership nearly four times lesser than in the United States. These factors have bolstered Canada's reputation for safety, with worldwide bodies recognising the nation's outstanding security and safety. One reason for the low rate of gun ownership is that Canadians just feel safer. Additionally, there is a stringent and complicated procedure for acquiring a firearm with a license, especially in comparison with the United States.


An emphasis on education

Canada greatly values education having over the years ensured that all of its youthful citizens benefit from the finest available schooling, irrespective of their individual background. The Canadian government expends more on education on a per capita basis than almost all other nations of the world. Consequently, Canadian children score very well on educational assessments and remain in the sphere of education for a longer duration than those of many other nations. This has resulted in a knowledgeable, well-remunerated society where skilled expatriates can also make their mark.


A multiethnic melting pot

The dual Anglo-French cultural blend has always been a feature of the nation of Canada and therefore it is not surprising that presently it ranks amongst the world's most culturally diverse countries. In fact, of the 338 Canadian members of parliament, no less than 41 were born in other countries which means that multiculturalism and tolerance would be protected and promoted at the highest levels. In fact, if you stroll down a Vancouver or Toronto street you are likely to hear a foreign language or perhaps catch the aroma of international food.


A broad-minded and tolerant society

The nation of Canada is renowned for its liberal and relaxed reputation. It has pioneered civil rights and its diverse multicultural spirit is reflected in its progressive policy with regards to immigration as well as its strong stand against racial abuse and hate crimes. Canada has been recognised as the world's top country for the tolerance and acceptance of minorities. It has continuously recognised the advantages that skilled immigrants will provide to its economy. A fair and sensible policy for immigration means that those who wish to create a prosperous life in the nation of Canada will have the opportunity to do so.


Economic stability and strength

Canada ranks amongst the top nations of the world when it comes to the strength of its economy, which means that there will be a wide selection of career paths for the ambitious expatriate. Canada boasts a strong banking sector that provides stability for its resilient economy. This financial stability means that Canada's residents enjoy high living standards. When it comes to getting assistance regarding Canada immigration so that you can reside in this economically strong nation, a specialist to consider would be Zenith Immigration Lawyers.


A big, beautiful country

Canada is considered to be the world's second-biggest nation as well as one of its loveliest. It has beautiful natural scenery ranging from icy arctic tundras and snowy peaks to expansive woodlands and shimmering lakes. On your weekends and holidays, you will have the opportunity to go skiing, kayaking, hiking and whale watching in the nation's wildernesses. Even the Canadian cities are attractive; the nation's vast land area and comparatively small population mean that housing is affordable in most parts of the country too.

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