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4 things to consider when buying an outfit- Dressing with Vision

The people around you take just 7 seconds to formulate a solid first impression, and your attire is one of the first attributes they'll zoom on. Here are some ways to feel amazing in what you wear, so that you present the best version of yourself at all times.



Dressing in a manner that is purposeful and appropriate for the occasion at hand will help you in achieving both personal and professional objectives. It's a no-brainer that corporate dinner parties require formal wear; however, is it possible to customize your outfit in order to impress associates? In this scenario, the elegance of the invitation and the theme of the event hold the clue that will enable you to decide what to wear, be it a satin gown for a luxurious five-star hotel dinner or an airy summer dress better suiting an outdoor garden party.


Personal suitability

Looking and feeling your best doesn't necessitate spending mountains of cash on top-notch brands and following the hottest trends that trail sparks across the international runways. However, it does mean paying extra attention to the colours, styles, and patterns that suit you and staying away from what is unflattering. For instance, clothes with vertical stripes are known to make people look more petite, whereas if you want to emphasize a fuller shape, go for the horizontal patterned lines. Very few people can go wrong with pastel shades, which are perfect for both formal and relaxed outing, and can match with almost anything! Loud and highly contrasting colours are generally a fashion faux pas, as they distract people from more important aspects of what you're saying and doing.



When it's a case of love at first sight, it's hard to scrutinize if the outfit is what you want to spend a good portion of your paycheck on. For instance, if you spy the last available piece of a gorgeous silk blouse on your way through the mall or get a notification for 50% off from your go-to online store, your first impulse will be to grab it off the rack or add-to-cart. However, stopping for a minute to be prosaic is likely to save you from costly blunders in the long-run. For instance, pausing to ask yourself if stain-remover works on this fabric or how feasible is it to beat the Colombo city heat waves can fast dim the halo effect on your potential purchase. Therefore, avoid being impulsive and weigh your options before choosing the ideal ensemble. For instance, if you're on a spree of online dress shopping in Sri Lanka, check out sites such as, which proffer an assortment of trendy outfits to choose from that will resonate with your customized requirements.


Brand Ethos

Another point of deliberation should be your past experiences with a particular brand or fashion outlet. Sales may be irresistible; however, does the brand in question consistently put quality at the forefront, or are their items prone to rapid wear and tear? Does the online boutique sell items that are true to colour, size, and fit? If a particular store consistently exceeds your expectations, it's worth taking the leap and investing.

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