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Updated by Your Amazing Car on May 21, 2021
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Most Amazing Automotive Advice For Car Lovers

In this list you can find the best automotive advice for your common car problems. We are not born with all the car knowledge that is why we decided to help every car owner become more familiar on how to solve their car problems.

Common Car Radiator Repair (All System Options to Fix)

Your car's engine cooling system plays an important role. Car cooling systems maintain the proper engine temperature for optimum performance. Click here to find out more on how to fix the common car radiator problems, or just to have an idea of how much will it cost.

Serpentine Belt Ultimate Guide

The serpentine belt is found in most late model cars and it operates together with the alternator, water pump, power steering, and air conditioner. Click here to learn more about why does your serpentine belt fails and how to fix it.

Idle Air Control Valve or IAC Valve Symptoms

The Idle Air Control Valve or IAC valve is typically used in fuel injected car engines to control the engines idling speed, and prevents it from stalling. Click here to understand how the IAC valve works and more information.

Bad Fuel Injector Symptoms vs Clogged Injector Symptoms

There are many bad fuel injector symptoms that can affect the performance of the engine. Learn some of the clogged Injector symptoms that can harm your car.

Rod Knock (Repair Tips and Everything You Need To Know)

Many car owners do not listen to the engine noise until it is too late. Engines make a variety of sounds, and drivers should pay attention to these sounds. Click here to see if the current sound you are listing from the front part of the vehicle is an actual faulty rod knock.

How Often to Change Oil? | 3K Miles Myth |

Typically older model cars needed oil changes every 3000 miles or six months. Most newer model cars have a longer oil life, find out how often should you change your oil. Click here to learn how often should you change the oil of your car.

Nail In Tire (How to Deal And Fix It With A Patch Kit)

We all have experienced that sickening feeling when we walk outside to go somewhere, and one of the tires on our car is flat or losing air. It could be a screw or a tiny nail, either or click here to find our what to do in this case.

ABS Light On (Warning That You Need To Know)

We have all had that moment when we are driving around town and we glance at our dashboard where all of a sudden a light has popped up. The ABS light one is a serious issue with your vehicle, click here to find out why.

Signs of Bad Spark Plugs | Warnings Explained

Car startup problems are not something new to car owners. Chances are, you have encountered a situation where your car could not start up. Learn how changing a faulty spark plug can boost the overall engine performance.

What Transmission Is In My Car? | 4 Ways to Find Out

The transmission in your vehicle is one of the most complex components on your auto with many moving parts, hydraulic components that in many new cars are expensive and hard to repair. Click here to find out what transmission does your vehicle has.

What Kind Of Car Should I Buy? (10 New or Used Options)

Buying a auto is exciting, regardless of what age you are. When you get the perfect auto it can be exciting since it is a special time and you can enjoy driving. However, choosing the right car for you can be a complicated process. Click here to find out a few cheap and awesome options for you.

When To Replace Car Battery (5 Warning Signs)

A dead car battery can leave you stranded at home, at work, or somewhere in between. Arranging for a tow truck for your car or vehicle can be very expensive. A dead battery is one of the worst feelings a human can experience. Click here to know when do you need to replace a car battery.

What Your Car Says About You (10 Busted Myths?)

Believe it or not, the type of car you drive says a great deal about the person driving it. There are many theories about why people buy particular types of cars. Click here to learn the common car myths when it comes to what a car says about the owner.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car | Detailing Tips

Some drivers arrange to wash their cars every day, while others may not wash their cars for a month. We have all seen the message scrawled on the back window, WASH ME NOW!!!!!!!!! I know everyone can get that message when their car is just to dirty to be on the road. Click here to find out exactly how often should you be washing your car.

Windshield Chip Repair Kit Reviews | Spider Crack Solution

Our windshields always takes a beating by tiny stones cracks from the road. Learn how to fix your front window with a repair kit when this happens to you. We have put together a list of the best solutions of a spider cracked windshield click here to find out more.

Horsepower vs Torque Which is More Important in 2020

Horsepower vs Torque Which is More Important? In cars this may sound like jargons. However, to understand these concepts we have wrote an amazing post. Click here to learn how both horsepower and torque work, and how they can improve you car performance if you enhance them.

Why is My Check Engine Light On? | Solve The Problem

You asked yourself: Why is your check engine light on? The check engine light is for older automotive designs and is attached to the car diagnostic system. Everyone that owns a car has experience a check engine light on, click here to find out exactly why does it turn one.

Wheel Bearing Noise While Driving | 5 Causes & Signs

Have you ever have heard a roaring wheel bearing sound while driving down the road? Don't just change your worn out tires thinking it would fix the broken problem. Click here to find out if it is a wheel bearing noise that you are hearing from the front of your vehicle.

Signs of a Blown Head Gasket | How to Fix a Cracked Head

Car engines are made of moving parts. Each part has a significant role, though some are extra critical than others. Find out the signs of a blown head gasket.

Brake Pads Lifespan Can Be Drastically Reduced (Learn Why)

Do you know why your brake pads and rotors wear out? Have you wonder the average duration of your car brake pads? Learn what affects the braking system on your vehicle.

Symptoms of a Bad Starter | Car Won't Start?

So your automobile won't start and your need to identify different bad starter symptoms? No worries this post will explain the top 10 symptoms you vehicle can encounter.

Symptoms of a Bad Alternator | Failing Warning Signs

Learn the most common symptoms and warning signs that comes before a complete failing alternator. Find out how to repair your these type of auto problems here.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Shakes | Car Problems

Tire and wheel problems are the most common when your cars steering wheel shaking. Here is a complete guide to understand what can cause your car to shake.

Top 20 Reasons Why My Car Wont Start

Nothing ruins your morning faster than getting into your car, turning the key and finding nothing happens. Here are the top 20 reasons why your car won't start.

Top 27 Reasons Why Your Car Engine Cranks But Wont Start

Common causes why engine cranks but wont start can be simple or complicated to fix. Drivers should avoid cranking the engine repeatedly or continuously. Click here to find out the top reasons why the engine cranks and wont start.

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