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Sola Doro

At Sola Doro, we believe in giving every client a unique shoe unlike monotonous machine-made hackneyed footwear worn by men globally. We believe in making every client stand out with our classic taste and hand-made effort.

Our design assortment ranges from velvet, monk-strapped, suede-eyed to horse-bit moccasins, loafers, sneakers, lace ups and boots as well. Every shoe undergoes a process of making to withstand the test of time making each shoe so long- lasting.


A perfect guide to shopping Men’s Shoes

A perfect guide to shopping Men’s Shoes

When it comes to footwear, women aren’t the only lucky one’s spoilt for options. You’d be surprised to know that men too have the luxury of owning a wide range of premium shoe in India. Here is a perfect guide for men looking to shop bespoke shoes in India. In this article today we have discussed about different types of men’s dress shoe online that one can purchase.

Oxfords are undoubtedly one of the finest shoes a man can have in his shoe rack. This classy pair of shoes has always been a no brainer purchase when it comes to buying something elegant to pair up with formal attire. It is probably one of the very few types of shoe that has forever been a fashion statement. This exquisite pair of shoes is an epitome of luxury shoe in India. Oxfords are statement footwear often worn with formal suits, shirts and pants. These are the most popular formal shoe available in varied colours but black and white being the most common colour known for its versatility. Purchase this stylish pair of formal shoes for men online and have a complete wardrobe.

Wingtip shoe which is also known as Brogue shoe is another classic pair of footwear which is often used as an alternative to Oxford shoe. Perfect footwear to combine with formal or semiformal attires. This type of footwear has a typical trademark detailing on the cap featuring a pointed toe with extensions running along the midsole. Stylish and trendy this footwear makes for the best premium leather shoe in India that one can own. Wingtip shoes have always been a popular style for men and the best alternate to formal shoe like Oxfords.

Loafers are another type of semi-formal shoe that are highly popular among people. This is a kind of shoe that falls in the category between casual and formal wear. Premium loafers are aesthetically pleasing and versatile pair of slip-on shoes that goes well as a formal shoe during the day time and party wear by night. It is a perfect pair of footwear for those looking to buy a comfort yet elegant formal shoe as a part of your shoe closet. Loafers are considered to be one of those few must have shoes for men that suits their occasion.

Boat Shoes
Boat shoes are another popular slip-on shoe that falls in the category of men’s casual shoe wear. They are one of the most in demand casual shoe for men online as per today’s fashion trend. Cool, trendy and stylish, this stunning pair of shoes is favourite for casual and non-causal dressers alike. They are the most comfortable casual shoes usually made of leather or canvas. Own these premium leather shoes and make a statement wearing them wherever you go.

No casual outfits are complete without having a pair of classy sneaker shoes to go with your jeans and t-shirt. Sneakers are the best casual shoes for men online that should ideally be a part of every men’s shoe collection. Men's premium casual shoes are not just trendy and stylish, but also versatile and functional pair of footwear one could own.

When it comes to men’s footwear, it is absolutely essential to have the right ones with you. Whether you are looking to buy a pair of shoes to make a statement or just for your comfort, having the right ones to go with your outfit and occasion is essential. Shirts, suits, and other garments all have their own role to play but it is these shoes that completes a man’s attire and creates an impression. The above shared list of must have bespoke shoes will guide you in purchasing formal and casual foot wears and complete your look the next time you go out.


A perfect guide to purchasing handcrafted shoes

A perfect guide to purchasing handcrafted shoes

Shoes are one of the few men’s accessories that bring a touch of style to their wardrobe. They are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe that ads to their personality and fashion. While many prefer purchasing ready-made premium leather shoe in India, there are still a hand few of them who prefer their footwears to be handcrafted or made to order. Let us today understand what really makes a handcrafted shoe so special.

Handcrafted shoes in India-
Generally, readymade shoes are entirely manufactured or made from machines in bulk. However, handmade shoes in India are meticulously crafted footwear made by experts that are customised to one’s personal requirement. People who often prefer handcrafted shoes are the one’s particular about its style, fit and its quality. So, experts who craft these customised shoes ensure exceptional results in terms of quality, style, comfort and fit. Moreover, the materials used in handmade shoes are often high-end, polished, and sophisticated. Handmade shoe is all about the stunning combination of supreme quality materials, superlative stitching and bespoke craftsmanship. A shoe that best fits and reflects an individual’s style quotient is what can best be described as a great handcrafted shoe.

Benefits of buying handcrafted shoes-
When it comes to purchasing bespoke shoes, what better than trying your hands on purchasing a beautiful pair of handcrafted shoes? Handcrafted footwears are for ever trendy and stylish. They are luxury shoes that can possibly never go out of fashion. Purchasing handcrafted shoes will surely be worth while if given a thought. Here are some good reasons for you to choose handmade shoes the next time you set out to buy a pair of shoes for yourself.
 Perfect fit: it goes without saying that handmade shoes would always be a perfect fit on to your feet for they are customized and made to order to suit you. So, you need not worry about a shoe being too wide or too narrow for your feet or being a discomfort. Moreover, customized shoes ensure perfect fit which makes it a comfort shoe as well.
 Durable: Handmade shoes are a work of true craftsmanship. The stitches and the materials used for making these shoes are high quality. So, the chances of damage or wear and tear of such shoes are limited. If sourced from an authentic outlet, handcrafted shoes would be the most durable shoes that one could own. These highly polished and sophisticated shoes will stand the test of time and make it all worth your money.
 Comfort: As discussed earlier, customized shoes are the most comfortable ones to have in your shoe rack. Moreover, shoes made with high quality material boasts of an unmatched comfort which makes it worth every penny. A shoe made from synthetic or cheap materials can makes it hard to wear, for it tends to wear out quickly and lose its supportive ability. With probably just a few times of using it, the shoes may end up having a flattened arch, eroded footbed or broken or collapsed heel. Whereas handmade shoes would rather be comfortable with time.
 Personalised: Customised shoes are a beautifully crafted, made-to-order shoes that are personalized to suits your style and personality. Right from material used, to colour combination, size, styling and fitting shall be your personal choice or liking. The shoes will reflect your style, and personality unlike the generic footwears. Opting for a handcrafted shoe gives the buyer a plethora of options when it comes to personalization.


Finest collection of handcrafted luxury shoes for Men

Finest collection of handcrafted luxury shoes for Men

Luxury shoe brands in India constantly strive to offer a personalized shopping experience for their loyal customers. They are offered optional customization on premium and iconic shoe items as a special service to their years of loyalty to the brand. This kind of service is now popular across world-wide boutiques, for it helps brands differentiate themselves from the mass-produced luxury shoes in India. Services like this not only enhances client relationship but also boosts brand loyalty and consequently helps increases traffic to your store. Premium buyers are always willing to pay for luxury shoes in India that are made-to-order, unique pieces. Brands have explored this as an opportunity to amp up the prestige of their product and create an impactful impression through their highly personalised services.

Finest collection of luxury shoes for men
Sola Doro brings to you a finest range of luxury and premium leather shoes in India that exudes class, and elegance, coupled with contemporary styling and comfort. A one stop fashion destination for handcrafted designer shoe lovers. Offering an amazing range and latest designs of footwear for men that are beautifully handcrafted and customized with unique design features. A brand that handcrafts shoes which includes a wide range of premium leather shoes, oxford shoes, premium loafers, sneakers and brogues to name a few. The bespoke shoes designed here is a classic premium slip-on leather shoes designed and handcrafted to deliver best fit, comfort and luxurious look and feel. These handcrafted shoes are a perfect balance of comfort and style that goes absolutely well with formals, semi-casuals and traditional ethnic wear. The brand strives to provide the best luxury shoes that are designed for ultimate style and comfort. Offering customizable footwear for men in various prints, colours and designs, they are all uniquely handmade for a dapper look and each sporting superior craftsmanship.

Superior quality Luxury shoes in India
Shoes designed by Sola Doro are timeless classic additions that must be a part of every gentleman’s wardrobe. Handcrafted from unmatched quality of leather, the brand offers a great range of premium formal shoes for men that can be worn on different occasions and for classy styling preferences. The brand designs an exclusive range of leather Shoes for Men, that offers superior cushioning-technique for maximum comfort and opulence. The quality of material used and the technique of designing the footwear ensures, acts as a comfortable cradle to the foot and wonderfully conforms to one’s foot shape. With craftsmanship par excellence, finest quality materials and elegant detailing, shoes offered by Sola Doro is worth owning.

Purchase from the most amazing collection of premium leather shoes in India at the best price to complete your stunning collection of bespoke luxury shoes. Make these finest range of formal handcrafted shoe a part of your fashion wardrobe and you are sure not to regret having them ever.