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Email Marketing ROI 7 Organic Tips

Being a marketer comes with great responsibilities where you are not just responsible for generating traffic but also a large area surrounding it. As an advertiser, you must make sure that your marketing techniques are being put to right use and quite frankly – a marketing strategy is nothing if it’s not providing you significant cost and value benefits.


Email Marketing ROI 7 Organic Tips

Moreover, if you are an owner of an ecommerce business and you yourself have to take care of marketing strategies in addition to all the other tasks, that’s even tougher.
With CEOs, CTOs, and Managers always wanting information about the impact of marketing activities, the marketers constantly have to be on the lookout. We consistently have to keep evolving and stay on top of each marketing hack and related strategies.
There are a number of marketing mediums to achieve greater SERPs and organic audience. However, knowing how to combine more than one medium to achieve a greater result can go a long way. Our hot topic for today is Email Marketing which, if correctly combined with the right SEO and assisting backlinks, can become your pathway in gaining a quality audience.
Precisely, we are going to provide upcoming potential marketers with ultimate tips to help them achieve maximum ROI benefits.


Maintaining Quality – Use Engaging Content

One of the very basic yet a matter of vital importance is maintaining the quality of your content. If your content is not engaging enough, you will soon find your emails being marked spam by hundreds and thousands of audience – and you don’t want that.
Google has a patent that allows it to observe all the emails in Gmail that were marked as spam. Suppose if a large quantity of users are marking your emails as spam, it will have a direct negative effect on your website rankings.
Additionally, an engaging content is necessary to build a relationship with your consumer. If your subscribers like what they are reading, it’s highly likely that they will be visiting your website sooner or later. Also, they won’t be marking your emails as spam which puts you in a good relationship with google on default.


Visual Therapy – Add an Appealing Layout

As human beings, we’re attracted to colorful layouts because they’re pleasing to our aesthetic sense. When you are dealing with email marketing, you only have one chance to either convert or divert your customer. To gain a permanent customer you have to make use of every opportunity you get. Starting from providing a catchy and eye-pleasing layout so the customer is inclined to your product, service or website on default.
It’s best if you are using bright color combinations instead of the dull ones. See if you can add widgets and complementing emoticons to engage your audience. So how will you know this technique works? Observe your email responses before and after creating an attractive layout!


Get Personal – Personalize Your Content

nstead of just addressing your email recipients as “Hey friend!” or “Hello there!” try addressing them with their first name. For starters, this gives off a familiar vibe at once and the audience automatically gets inclined towards reading your email.
By the way, did you know that with every $1 you’ve spent on Email Marketing, you have the potential to earn $44?
Do you know what that means?
You have the potential of scoring an ROI of 4400% on each dollar. So why not make the perfect use out of your emails and achieve everything you can? From now onwards, try addressing your recipient Matt as “Hey Matt, How are you?” instead of a solo “Hey, there.” There’s nothing really wrong with it – it just doesn’t have enough potential to engage the customer on a personal level.


Use the Reward Philosophy – Tailoring Promotions

In addition to addressing your customers personally, give them occasional treats. When you’re addressing your customers with their names, followed by an information on their reward tailored just for them – it acts like a cherry on top!
This will have notable benefits to your email marketing campaign. Not only you’ll get more traffic flow to your website but you’ll also have a better outreach and minimum spam marked emails. Moreover, focus on individualized rewards and incentives. Take out surveys and know what your customers want – what if one of them prefers a 20% discount over free shipping?


Mobile Optimization

We’re almost getting to the third decade of the 21st century and everyone has the convenience of mobile. Most people send and receive their emails on phones and barely go around to firing up their laptops. For that regard, it’s highly suggested that your emails are correctly optimized for mobile devices, tablets, and iPads.
If your newsletters and emails aren’t even compatible to a customer’s device, how will they get to your content in the first place? Therefore, make sure your website and your emails are optimized for cross-platform compatibility.


Use A Philanthropic Approach – Grab their Attention!

Your main goal should be to build a trust and authentic relationship with your customers. If you are a business owner, consider giving 5% out of each of your earnings to contribute towards fighting climate change?
When you use a humanitarian approach while making an earning, you have a chance to inform your customers of your dealings. As a result, you will not only be grabbing their attention but they will also prefer buying from you in the long run because they realize that a part of their spending is being invested in a good cause.
This will help you generate more revenue in the long run and will end up maximizing your ROI rate.


Make it Easy to Unsubscribe

Make it Easy to Unsubscribe

Lastly, no one really talks about this because apparently it’s a self-designed assisting tool by marketers to continue targeting a large number of audience. But in reality, it does the opposite.
When your customers cannot find an unsubscribe button on your emails, they are more likely to get frustrated – and you don’t want that. One way or the other, they will find a way to unsubscribe but you’ll be losing a potential convert in the long run.
Hence, always prioritize your customer’s ease on top and focus on the quality of your emails. Focus on making that particular piece of email so engaging that they choose to stay themselves.