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Cosmetic Dentistry

We are irrefutably Melbourne’s unique dental clinic with Sleep, Cosmetic and Dental Implants services.

Cosmetic Dental Clinic Blackburn - Best Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne | Sleep Dream Smile

Cosmetic dental clinic Melbourne - Sleep Dream Smile. At our award-winning clinic in Blackburn, we have a team of experienced cosmetic dentists to treat you like a VIP. Book now!

Cosmetic Dentistry - Cosmetic Dental Treatment Blackburn

Cosmetic Dentistry – Achieve your ideal smile with the range of cosmetic dentistry services at Sleep Dream Smile in Blackburn, Melbourne. For cosmetic dental treatment, call on 03 9877 2035. With the help of our expert team, we handle complex cases with ease and assure you to leave you with a sparkling bright smile on your face.

Sleep Dentistry - Sedation Dentistry Blackburn, Melbourne | Sleep Dentist | Sleep Dream Smile

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne – Afraid of going to dentist? At Sleep Dream Smile, our sedation dentist Melbourne helps our patients to relieve from fears and anxieties. For pain free dentistry in Blackburn, call us today.

Teeth Whitening Melbourne - Best Teeth Whitening Dentist Blackburn | Sleep Dream Smile

Teeth Whitening Melbourne – Want brighter smile? Teeth whitening treatment by professional dentist at Sleep Dream Smile is one of the safest and most cost-effective ways of enhancing your smile. Zoom teeth whitening is one of the most preferred services by our clients. Book now!

Digital Smile Design Melbourne - Transform Your Smile with Smile Makeover

Digital Smile Design Melbourne – At Sleep Dream Smile, we transform your dream smile makeover into reality. Let us transform your smile into that breathtaking kind of smile. Call us now at 1300 DENTAL for digital smile designing in Blackburn, Melbourne.

Teeth Replacement Melbourne – Replace Missing Tooth Cost in Blackburn | Sleep Dream Smile

Teeth Replacement Melbourne – Want to replace your missing teeth? At Sleep Dream Smile, we have many tooth replacement options available at an affordable cost. We understand your concern and we are here to make you feel better. Here at Sleep Dream Smile, our expert dentists will provide quality assured Teeth Replacement solutions for the gaps in your teeth with dental implants. Book an appointment now!

Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne - Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction Blackburn | Sleep Dream Smile

Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne - When extraction of impacted wisdom tooth is required? Consult professional wisdom teeth dentist at Sleep Dream Smile in Blackburn, who will provide you the best assistance. Are you experiencing any complications during the growth of wisdom teeth? If yes, then treating your wisdom teeth before the situation becomes worse is the best solution. Treat your wisdom teeth without getting hurt.

View Our Before & After Dental Treatments Gallery | Sleep Dream Smile

Browse our photo gallery to get more idea about the before and after dental treatment results by Sleep Dream Smile. High-quality cosmetic services to restore your confidence with a healthy and beautiful smile. To book an appointment call now!

Welcome to Sleep Dream Smile: Where Our Dentists Strive to Improve Your Smile – Sleep Dream Smile

Dental care needs, whether cosmetic or general, are ever an important aspect of our lives. Even a little speck in your teeth can make you conscious of your smile or make eating your food challenging if ignored for a long time. But most of us are still afraid of visiting a dentist. We have carefully designed all the services that we provide at our Sleep Dream Smile dental clinic in Melbourne. We care for our patients and hence connect with them on a friendly note instead of being just their serious dentists and carrying on with the dental work with a stern face.

Top 6 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures You Need to Know About – Sleep Dream Smile

The debate over cosmetic dentistry being simply an aesthetic or a functional treatment option is age-old. Some believe cosmetic dentistry is only meant to beautify your smile, whereas some others vouch for its functional aspects. While neither of the perceptions can be denied, our experts at Sleep Dream Smile deem cosmetic dentistry as the perfect blend of art and dentistry.

Sleep Dream Smile: You Can Really Relax with Sleep Dentistry - Sleep Dream Smile

No one should ever go through life suffering dental anxiety or fearing visits to the dentist. The premise of Sleep Dream Smile is to be able to help patients who struggle to cope with normal dental procedures to have an option to be able to be gently put to sleep or have a general anaesthetic so that they can relax and be able to go through dental treatments. We hope to be your partner on your journey to optimum dental health and preventive care for the rest of your life. Helping you navigate the complexity of sedation dentistry all under one roof.

Top 10 Advantages of Sleep Dentistry and How You Can Benefit from Them – Sleep Dream Smile

You might have heard about this revolutionary change in dentistry which helps you feel no pain! Sleep dentistry is the cutting-edge technology that we are talking about today. It is too common these days to be missed. But despite this popularity and widespread use, some of us still need to know more about sleep dentistry. Sleep dentistry is the practice of using sedatives to make patients relax while the dentist is performing a dental procedure. Patients can be sedated for dental surgery or a diagnosis depending upon their comfort levels. The choice of sedatives is also made following the medical history and the duration of the dental procedure.

Why Sleep Dream Smile for your All On 4® and Dental Implants – Sleep Dream Smile

People with needle phobia / injections who can’t keep still in the dental rooms. Also people who have panic attacks in the dental chair when they hear the drill noise or feel like they are drowning with the water in their mouth. Patients with severe gag reflex, unable to lie back in the chair. All in One Place Sleep Dream Smile has a team of experienced dentists, specialist Anaesthetists and certified laboratories all in one place so you don’t have to travel anywhere. In fact, we are the only dental clinic in Melbourne to have a speciality dental general anaesthetic facility to service the whole of the eastern region of Victoria.

How SMILE MAKEOVER is Changing your lives – Sleep Dream Smile

If you have suffered trauma, broken, chipped, stained or missing teeth over the years and want a one time long term solution to your smile. There are several procedures that can help restore your confidence. It always starts with a digital smile design to get a WOW result. There are a wide range of treatments available under the banner of cosmetic dentistry at Sleep Dream Smile, from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and crowns to dental implants.

Top 10 Advantages of Sleep Dentistry - Sleep dream smile

You might have heard about this revolutionary change in dentistry which helps you feel no pain! Sleep dentistry is the cutting-edge technology that we are talking about today. If you are a tad reluctant about taking help from sleep dentistry, you need to read this. This blog was written with the sole purpose of helping you benefit from sleep dentistry.

Dentist Near You - About Team at Melbourne Dental Clinic | Sleep Dream Smile

Searching for the best dental clinic near you in Melbourne? Sleep Dream Smile is located in Blackburn and offering a range of dentistry services in surrounding suburbs of Melbourne. At our Sleep Dream Smile clinic, we maintain the best dental practices and sleep dentistry at our clinic offered by expert dentists.

Book your appointment with our experts today – Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne

Sleep Dream Smile, Blackburn offers an easy and convenient option for all ages to have sleep dentistry for all kinds of dental requirements. You can use our payment plan option for your dental treatment in Melbourne and book an appointment online whenever you like.

Sleep dentistry - Goodbye to Dental Anxiety and Fear | Sleep Dream Smile

At Sweet Dream Smile, our sedation dentistry facility allows patients to wake up with a new smile in a few hours, without much memory of the procedure required. For a FREE consultation, book an appointment now.

What Is Sleep Dentistry and How the Process Works? – Sleep Dream Smile

Sleep dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry, is the method of sedating a patient before performing dental surgery. Longer dental treatments such as dental implants can be better performed with sleep dentistry. It is also helpful in case of accidents where performing multiple dental surgeries in one go is the call of the hour.

How to recover after dental implants surgery?

Dental implants surgery require a few precautions. The first concern that strikes us when going for any surgery is the question of “how long will it take to recover after the surgery?” Today, let us solve the concerns regarding recovery after dental implants surgery.

Recovery after Dental Implants Surgery – Sleep Dream Smile

The first concern that strikes us when going for any surgery is the question of “how long will it take to recover after the surgery?” Dental implants last longer when done by the right cosmetic dentists in Melbourne and taken care of by the patients. Today, let us solve the concerns regarding recovery after dental implants surgery.

Sleep Dream Smile : Dental Implant, Sleep Dentistry and Cosmetic Centre

Sleep dentistry with the help of general anaesthetic. Medicare rebates apply for anaesthetic fees. At Sleep Dream Smile, Melbourne, we ensure that you feel comfortable while proceeding with sleep dentistry. Sleep Dentistry can make you say goodbye to your dental fears and anxiety while undergoing a dental procedure at Sleep Dream Smile.

Expert dental care with experienced hands - Sleep Dream Smile

Sleep Dream Smile provides friendly, gentle and, family dental care with a focus on prevention. If you are looking for the top-rated cosmetic dentists in Melbourne, you are on the right spot. Book your appointment now to create long-lasting smile that is very natural and extremely durable.

How can cosmetic dentistry help you have good teeth?

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we tend to relate it to vanity only. But apart from this vanity, the functional benefits of cosmetic dentistry are often neglected. Cosmetic dentistry has served the functional aspects of teeth from the very beginning. Let us learn about how cosmetic dentistry treatments bring a shiny smile on your face.

Top 10 cosmetic dentistry treatments give you good teeth? – Sleep Dream Smile

Let’s see some benefits of cosmetic dentistry treatments that prove it is not all about good looks. Of course, we don’t say looking good and having healthy teeth at the same time can hurt anyone! Take care of your teeth the way they deserve and visit your cosmetic dentist for regular check-ups.