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Headline for Six of the Best Things to Do in Adelaide, Australia – A Captivating and Beautiful City
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Six of the Best Things to Do in Adelaide, Australia – A Captivating and Beautiful City

If you visit the city of Adelaide you will find many interesting things to do; these include taking a river walk, visiting the Adelaide Botanical Gardens, undertaking a heritage walk, viewing street art, and so on.


Take a river walk

On your stay in Adelaide, you will find that it is an appealing experience to take a relaxed stroll along the local river. In fact, a riverside walk in the morning will be a splendid way to commence your day. You are likely to feel that the river has a discernibly English atmosphere with the teams of rowers gliding across the waters and the pleasant riverside trees. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed breakfast in a local cafe and undertake a cruise on the river on a 'Popeye' boat.


Visit the Adelaide Botanical Gardens

The Adelaide Botanical Gardens which occupies an area of 50 hectares amid the city, will attract the interest of garden enthusiasts, plant lovers and anybody who appreciates spending time outdoors. At these gardens, you will encounter a host of interesting attractions including rose gardens, a wetland and Australian forestland. The Adelaide Botanical Gardens is also renowned for its remarkable glasshouses. Within these three glasshouses, you will see an Australian rainforest environment, a selection of palms from Madagascar and a giant Amazon water lily.


Undertake a Heritage Walk

The city of Adelaide inherits a rich historical legacy and its fascinating architectural attractions confirm this. You will be entranced by the striking Town Hall and Parliament House as well as the city's statues, cathedrals and the scenic bridges that extend over the Torrens River. To experience these marvellous sights you will have the option of joining an organised tour or undertaking a stroll across the city on your own. Culture lovers will be captivated by Adelaide's engrossing historical buildings and other structures.


View the street art

Anyone with an interest in art in general and street art, in particular, will be enthralled by Adelaide's outstanding street art. However, to truly experience the finest street art in the city you will have to visit its alleyways and back streets where many of the outstanding pieces can be found. After your walk, you are sure to feel that Adelaide's street artists are hugely talented and definitely of international standard. A street art tour through the various parts of the city is sure to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Enjoy Himeji Gardens

The design of the Himeji Gardens was, in fact, a contribution from the Japanese city of Himeji, which is a sister city to Adelaide. Himeji is considered to be a historically and culturally significant city that is situated between Hiroshima and Kyoto; it is also renowned for its stunning gardens. You will see that Adelaide's Himeji Gardens contains plants suited to the Australian environment, yet also features Japanese garden concepts. An accommodation choice to consider from which these gardens could easily be visited would be Avani Adelaide Residences which may be regarded as one of the pleasingly located Adelaide hotels.


Shop at Rundle Mall

The popular Rundle Mall is considered to be Adelaide's foremost shopping locality. Here avid shoppers will be in their element as you will find an appealing collection of shopping attractions. At Rundle Mall, you will also encounter a good selection of local shopping favourites such as the well-known Haigh's Chocolates. Another feature of interest here would be the famed Adelaide Arcade which dates to 1885 and is considered to be a heritage attraction.