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Interesting facts about Qatari Culture – Things you may not have known before

The State of Qatar warrants careful consideration for any newcomer thinking of heading over, both in terms of its cultural appeal and value that it represents as a thriving tourist destination.


Common languages used

Arabic is the country's official language with the locals' take on the language being similar to that which is commonly spoken in the neighbouring Gulf States. Further, since the language is closely associated with the Islamic faith, one will be able to fathom as to how important a role Arabic plays in the identity of the religion itself. Also, Urdu, English, and Farsi are some of the dialects that travellers will come into contact with during their time in Qatar.



The people of the State of Qatar are generally divided into three factions and these would be namely, the Bedouin, Hadar, and Alabd. It is believed that the Bedouin are the descendants from the nomads of the Arabian Peninsula while the Hadars' ancestors were thought to have lived in the city during yesteryear. The Alabd, on the other hand, owe their origin to the slaves who were brought in from East Africa.



Traditional practices reign supreme when it comes to the subject of food and beverages here with the popular staple of 'machbous' served in all Qatari households in enormous platters. A combination of meat or seafood or both on occasions can be delighted in. This dish is a form of rice that is cooked with an assortment of pungent spices. The main meal is had at midday with other mealtimes normally seen as a way of adhering to a lighter diet. Seafood and dates form a vital part of Qatar's food with various varieties of coffee often resorted to at various times of the day. The spicy and sweet Arabic coffee with touches of cardamom is a favourite and can be easily had at any local restaurant or coffeehouse. Further, 'qahwa helw' is a far sweeter take on coffee with additions such as sugar and saffron seen as its chief ingredients.


Basic etiquette

Privacy within the family retains pride of place in society with interactions with outsiders carried out in separate spaces of a household or a guest area where members of the family will not be seen at. However, locals consider it rude to not be hospitable to strangers. Shaking hands with the opposite sex is rarely seen as it is thought of as placing the female party in an uncomfortable situation. In turn, men may also shy away from being seated close to women.


The capital

Doha is the capital of Qatar and is often at the heart of many a tourist visit or holiday. Over 80% of the country's population resides within the city. A number of architectural wonders dominate the skyline of Doha which has been attributed to the Qatari Government's keenness to invest in land reclamation initiatives. Moreover, a vast range of recreation destinations ranging from promenades, parks, waterfront properties and luxury hotels in Doha can be highlighted as being the beneficiaries of the country's vision in establishing and driving economic growth through sustainable practices and clever use of technology. One example of Qatar's growing hospitality sector is its hotels and resorts that are ideal havens from where one may plan out delightful escapes to Qatar and beyond. For future reference, Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara might be considered ahead of your next visit.