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Top Things to Do in Phuket – Essential Experiences and Adventure-filled Fun!

If you visit the appealing island of Phuket, there are a number of things that should be on your to-do list; these include exploring Phang Nga Bay and the Phi Phi Islands, enjoying the beaches, visiting the Big Buddha, touring the temples and so on.


Visit Phang Nga Bay

The splendid Phang Nga Bay will capture the imagination of the discerning visitor. Time spent at this entrancing bay is sure to be pleasant as the fantastic natural scenery and formations here are truly mesmerising. A stunning feature of this bay would be the steep cliffs of limestone which rise vertically from the gleaming emerald-hued waters. In this locality, you may also have the opportunity to observe different kinds of fauna which make their home here. Well-known sights to be found here include Koh Panyee and James Bond Island.


Experience Phi Phi Islands

Another remarkable natural attraction in Phuket would be the captivating Phi Phi Islands. These islands may be considered to be one of Thailand's most renowned attractions as they were featured in the well-known film 'The Beach'. This movie has made the Phi Phi Islands famous and a popular conversation topic amongst travellers visiting Thailand. In fact, some people visit Phuket with the sole intention of visiting these islands! You will find that the Phi Phi Islands are breathtakingly beautiful, seeming to rise out of the ocean in a spectacular manner.


Spend time at the beaches

Naturally, your visit to Phuket would not be complete without spending some time at the island's enchanting beaches. Since there are over 30 beaches to select from, it not surprising that these sandy expanses are one of Phuket's famed features. You will have the opportunity to visit different kinds of beaches in Phuket, ranging from expansive lively beaches to hidden tranquil coves. Visitors will find that Phuket's finest beaches are situated on its western coast. You will also be able to witness alluring sunsets at these beaches.


Visit Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is located on the Nakkerd Hills and is a prominent sight visible from many parts of the southern area of Phuket. This Buddha statue, which rises to a height of 45 metres, cost a vast sum to construct. Adjacent to this statue you will find another smaller image made from brass whilst a shrine is located in proximity to the car park. The route to the magnificent Big Buddha passes through picturesque jungle surroundings and you can enjoy splendid views from this statue.


Experience Wat Chalong and other temples

The well-known Wat Chalong is considered to rank amongst Phuket's significant temples, drawing thousands of visitors yearly. You will see that this temple is decorated attractively with innumerable tiny bits of shimmering glass glittering on its pagodas. Visitors will also find many other interesting temples in Phuket each with its own attractions. An accommodation choice to consider from which Wat Chalong could be visited would be Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas which may be considered to be one of the pleasingly located Phuket resorts.


Explore the night markets

You will find that Phuket boasts a remarkable collection of night markets that will draw your interest. Although each features distinctive attractions, they all feature attractive souvenirs offered at modest prices. These night markets will be great locations at which to sample the delicious street foods on offer too. Some of the night markets also stage musical presentations and street-side performances. Since these markets function during the evenings, you will not become uncomfortably hot whilst exploring them.