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Diversity and Inclusion consulting

Symmetra is a global consulting agency in the field of managing diversity and inclusion in different business environments.

Symmetra has solutions which will provide you with the data, analysis and advice to reach these objectives. Symmetra supports your business through multiple insights including:-
●     Inclusion assessments
●     Inclusion for performance program
●     Diversity audits
●     Strategy and advisory
●     Scalable tools
●     Workshops to counteract bias
●     Keynote addresses for executive engagement


Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment

Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment - Ames, IA - The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment for Employees

Are You Creating an Inclusive Workplace? How to Assess Inclusivity Levels

Effective and reliable inclusion assessment can help create a vibrant workplace that celebrates differences, fosters respect and accelerates business benefits.

How Gender Diversity can increase Productivity - Business

Could gender diversity be the secret tool to improve productivity and boost your bottom line? Increased gender diversity and equality can be the key to your company’s future succes

Seven Effective Leadership Skills to Manage 21st Century Workforces

Effective leaders include everyone. Here are seven skills which demonstrate inclusive leadership.

How Unconscious Bias Impacts Leadership Decision Making

Both conscious and unconscious biases influence thinking and decision-making processes of organisational and team leaders. Managers often allow their subconscious feelings and presumptions to cloud their judgement and impair their ability to make fair decisions.

Has Unconscious Gender Bias Driven Away Top Female Performers? - 540 Club

Gender bias occurs when particular skills are attributed to or believed to be lacking in a person just based on their gender. Unfortunately, women are often negatively affected by gender bias.

Five Effective Communication Strategies for Diverse Teams - HR Daily Community

In today’s workplaces, it’s common to find team members from all different parts of the world. The biggest challenge of managing cross-cultural teams is to ens…

Five Strategic Tips to Improve Your Diversity Recruiting Initiatives
  1. Companies are increasingly seeing strong correlations between workforce diversity and business benefits. Consequently, workplace diversity policies in Australia are fast gaining traction across all different sectors. An effective recruitment strategy aimed at recruiting diverse employees involves two important steps: Setting realistic goals; and defining metrics to measure success.
Why Inclusion and Diversity are Equally Important

Leaders have long since recognised that inclusion of diverse employees helps connect to broader customer bases, tap emerging markets and maximise benefits. Hiring and training diverse talent regardless of colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or personal choices has the potential to boost the bottom line. But current thinking recognises that diversity must be accompanied by…

How to Prevent Unconscious Bias from Affecting Customer Care - Knnit

Is unconscious bias affecting the quality of customer care in your company? The good news is, you can overcome the problem with diversity initiatives.

How to Promote Equal Opportunities and Eliminate Discrimination

Equal opportunity for employees plays a key role in promoting progress and growth in the workplace. In Australia, there are well-established legal structures at federal and state levels which ensure…

The Different Types of Unconscious Biases and Their Effect on Workplace Culture - Yahoo Posts - Trands Story

Our unconscious biases affect many decisions we make and because they are unconscious we are not even aware of how they are impinging on our decision-making.  These unconscious biases can lead to skewed judgement because we are heavily influenced by our unconscious expectations, perceptions and assumptions.

The Nexus between Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Engagement

Contrary to popular belief, diversity is much more than simply increasing numbers of employees by race and gender. Today’s organisations employ workforces that are diverse in several ways including age, educational background, linguistic ability, physical ability, socio-economic background and sexual orientation. Diverse workforces display higher employee loyalty, and the companies they work for show better financial performance and improved productivity.

Different Types of Diversity Training and How They Work

Diversity training can help in removing biases and prejudices which may become barriers to certain employees because of their gender.

Fundamental Strategies to Strengthen Cross-Cultural Competencies

Culture is deeply ingrained in how we behave, communicate and interact on a day-to-day basis. However, in today’s diverse workplaces communication, coordination and collaboration can all be impacted due to a lack of cross-cultural skills.

How Inclusion Training Can Help Your Organisation Prosper

Inclusion training programmes geared towards your unique organisational requirements help your employees to work better with others from different backgrounds, cultures and abilities. Such training programmes can increase self-awareness of unconscious bias and teach employees to respect and accept each other’s differences.

Six Key Attributes for Virtual Team Leadership - ELMENS

Virtual teams are becoming the norm increasingly, especially in the wake of COVID-19. While conventional teams work in a shared physical environment

Who Watches the Watchers? HR Accountability Can Transform Workplace Environment – Bareto Provides Latest News and Tre...

Accountability is one of the most important requirements of answerability. It is the opposite of responsibility and offers criteria to assess performance. In general, the human resource manager holds other employees accountable for their duties.

Leadership Style, Management, Communication, and Organizational Culture: It’s All Connected

Organizational culture includes many components. The vision, values, and goals of a company play crucial roles in shaping its culture. Positive actions on behalf of management encourage employees to perform their best and keep them happy.

How Can You Make Your Diversity Training in Unconscious Bias Effective?

Many people doubt the effectiveness of unconscious bias training. Here are a few tips to make unconscious bias training effective.

Creating Awareness in Bullying Prevention Training on Power Checks and Balances

Let’s not kid ourselves, irrespective of the organizational model we work under (Matrix; Horizontal, Divisional; Line and Team etc.), we still have “bosses”. There are channels to follow. People coordinating and controlling. Chains of command and positional prerogative. Plus, a myriad of prescribed processes that reinforcing who gets to call the final shots. There are those that have the ability to evaluate. Influencing ratings, hiring, promotions and firing.

  • Laura Massey is a Senior Consultant at Symmetra. It is a global consulting agency in the field of managing diversity and inclusion in different business environments. She, along with her team helps clients of different shapes and sizes to build inclusive leadership capabilities with the ultimate goals of optimising performance and stimulating innovation. Laura is a highly-qualified consultant with hands-on experience in delivering business-oriented services across the globe. For solutions regarding online learning, strategy and advisory, please contact Laura or reach out to Symmetra directly through email or phone.

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