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Where to Buy Lifelike Male Sex Dolls?

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Realsexdollsreviews Reviews

Seeing that male sex dolls are slightly new in the market, you will need to go to a vendor who has been in the market for some time as they can be trusted to deliver superior quality sex dolls. The website realsexdollsreviews looks deeply into all those vendors and gives you suggestions on the best of them all, where you will get the value of the money you spend, seeing that the sex dolls can be quite expensive to start with. Such companies should also be in a position to protect your privacy as well as your financial details. Visit the realsexdollsreviews website for the various sex doll selections and their prices, plus their vendors.


Sex Doll Selection

Sex Doll Selection

All sex dolls available on the realsexdollsreviews website are from top manufacturers in China dispatched straight to the warehouses in the US, UK, and Australia. Rest assured that all the dolls you purchase from realsexdollsreviews are straight from the manufacturer and are of the highest quality.

The sex doll selection is both for men and women, hence all inclusive. Within the men section, there are allowances to pick from a variety of dolls and ask for a customized doll according to your specifications. Choose from your desired range of skin color, eye color, hair color, body size, boob size, butt size, and height. For women, realsexdollsreviews avails a variety of masturbators, vibrators, dildos and males sex dolls to choose from. Customize your doll in your favorite skin color, body shape and height, and above all the size of his penis. It gets easier to actualize your sexual fantasies and fetishes with these products.


Shipping Information

Realsexdollsreviews provides free shipping for all their sex dolls to all countries. Their pricing includes shipping and customs fees, and you are not expected to pay any money upon delivery. This makes realsexdollsreviews stand out as it dramatically reduces the time taken to deliver the sex dolls. Some countries may have strict customs and may substantially increase the delivery time a bit.

Shipping takes between three and seven days for most orders. If a sex doll is tested and found not to have passed the quality tests, the shipping time may be extended to allow room for bettering the doll. This shipping time is agreeably workable with considering it begins from the time you order; realsexdollsreviews is fast in deliveries.

The realsexdollsreviews sex dolls are packaged in plain boxes that are unmarked and unlabeled, to put your confidentiality first and protect you from prying officers. Realsexdollsreviews uses FedEx and DHL courier services for speedy deliveries. Picking can be done at the courier offices or your doorstep according to your preference. If your package arrives looking like it has been tampered with, report immediately via email to realsexdollsreviews.


Return Policy

Return Policy

realsexdollsreviews has a clear guidelines section on the returns and refunds policies. Once you place an order, you are not allowed to cancel it after twenty-four hour since by then, production of your love doll is already underway.

Since most of the sex dolls are thoroughly checked and tested for quality before shipping, it is not expected that you will receive anything less than you bargained for. However, if it gets spoilt in the course of transformation, reach out to realsexdollsreviews via the provided email and you will be assisted to access your replacement or your refund.

The rule of thumb is, due to the health challenges that may be faced by all involved parties, returns of sex dolls is highly discouraged, and most of the time you will receive fixing tips and maintenance tips to ensure your doll is in the best condition to give you the service you so desire. Realsexdollsreviews takes pictures of their dolls before shipping hence can tell if it is the exact one or it has been interfered with.

For a refund or replacement to be effected, the goods are to be returned in the original package, and the sex doll should be unused. If the damage is not extensive, you get to receive guidance in fixing it from the realsexdollsreviews specialists.


Payment Options

Realsexdollsreviews accepts most payment options that are applicable; VISA, Master Card, Credit card, American Express, Bank transfers, and PayPal. Most of these payment methods are widely used by many people and clients have found realsexdollsreviews considerate and all-inclusive. However, if the payment method you are at ease with is not listed, email them with the query, and they will advise on the alternatives available for you.


In Conclusion

Sex dolls are not yet very fully acceptable in our society as yet, and even more so the male sex dolls. We tend to think that men are allowed to have their extra-marital affairs and women are supposed to remain conservative and submissive. But the times have gone by now, and women have grown out of the cocoons and now they are out to get their own sexual satisfaction and fantasies in check.

Before you get your sex doll home, ensure that you have prepared the storage space for the doll, and also purchased the hooks or boxes to enable store away your sex doll in private. The nice thing is that, you are able to ask for a fully customized sex doll, just as you want it in all aspects.




In the world of sexual fantasies and gratification of sexual fetishes, it is only wrong to assume that it is only the men who need the cover. Most sex dolls that have been produced in the recent past were female sex dolls, meaning that only men and such like sexually oriented people are taken care of. But now, times have changed; sex dolls are being produced to incorporate the needs of women, and other groups of people who are not sexually straight like the gay community. Male sex dolls are in the market now, and women and other interested parties need not worry of being deprived of the fun. But it does not stop there; you will need to know exactly where to buy your sex doll if you are going to land a viable and long-lasting male sex doll.