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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kandy – Sri Lanka’s mountain kingdom

Kandy is not a large city but it is a place of great natural beauty, historical significance and a place of calm where a traveller can enjoy the comforts or urban-living without the negatives.


The Temple of the Tooth Relic

The Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Tooth Relic – as most tourists prefer to call it is by far the most important religious site in Sri Lanka. The beautiful palace with its unique architecture and sloping gold roof presents an iconic image as it sits on the shore of the Bogambara Lake right in the heart of the Kandy town. The palace was built nearly 400 years ago and served as the home for the king of Sri Lanka – right up to the last. Today it is home to the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha and is visited by pilgrims all year round. If you are visiting be sure to dress modestly in a manner that covers your legs and shoulders.


The Bogambara Lake

The lake at the heart of the town isn't a massive one but it is indeed a picturesque one with a tiny island in the middle and the Temple of the Tooth Relic on its bank. It offers a great many photo ops – you can even go for a spin on a motorboat while you're at it. There is a walkway around the lake and you can see many people just walking around it in the evenings.


The Udawattakale Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is a bit of an oddity as it is located amidst a very-urbanised area yet somehow seems to avoid a large influx of people. The reserve is said to be home to a small population of clouded-leopards and smaller fishing cats. The park has quite a few trails you can trek along and take in the towering trees and the sounds of birds. However, it isn't open past dark so head there a bit early.


The Hotels

Even before the big tourism boom, Kandy was an often visited destination and hence the infrastructure to accommodate visitors has been in place. There are many hotels in Kandy for any price range. There aren't any global chains however and for a very affordable price, you can stay at one of the amazing Kandy resorts such as the renowned Hotel Topaz which has been a fixture in the local tourism scene for well over a few decades.



Kandy is located in the mountainous region of Sri Lanka and is surrounded by quite a few prominent mountain ranges such as Hanthana and Knuckles. If you are into hiking you could easily arrange a guided hike. Hanthana is a bit crowded and doesn't have the trails or facilities for camping but knuckles has for a long time been a hiker's favourite and has a few camping sites and plenty of trails to wander along.


The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens were first built by the British during colonial times and has been evolving and growing since. The gardens are spread across a vast area and include beautiful lawns, palm-lined avenues an orchid house and plants and trees from all over the world. There is a lot to be discovered along each pathway.

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