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Updated by Joanna James on Apr 14, 2020
Headline for Maldives Travel Tips to Know Before You Go – Because A Trip to the Maldives Need only be Happy!
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Maldives Travel Tips to Know Before You Go – Because A Trip to the Maldives Need only be Happy!

Considering its many wow-factors, the Maldives has long been known as one of the most popular romantic getaways to bask in some tropical charm. As interesting as it sounds, wouldn't you like to know everything there is to know about the Maldives before you jet-set? So here goes!


Plan according to the weather

November through April is the peak season of travel in the Maldives given its optimal weather situation around this time. Understandably so, the prices of everything is bound to be sky-high. But you can have our word for it- it's a magical time to be here! That being said, it is also important to know that all inclusive hotels Maldives such as the famous VARU by Atmosphere put up some irresistible deals during off peak times!


Be smart about your flights

Know that regional or domestic flights from Middle East Asia are quite cheap options for anyone looking. Flying into Male and getting a speed boat transfer to the desired island is your next cheapest option, although, for a truly mind-blowing and unforgettable experience, we would suggest you settle for a return seaplane ride- the fact that it might near cost you a limb is a whole other story.


Make all your booking ahead online

It should come as no surprise to you that the earlier you settle all your bookings for both air tickets as well as accommodation and others, the less you are likely to have to pay. Not only will this help you to cut back on excessive spending, it will also ensure you get the best value for your money.


Resonate with the Unwritten rules

Given the Muslim-dominant culture of this nation, it would be a real inconvenience for you to have your bookings made during the period leading upto Ramadan. The general unavailability of staff and hence poor service standards due to the above could throw a damper on your vacation so do check on any such times before you go ahead with your other planning activities. Indecent and revealing attire is considered disrespectful and would best serve you if avoided.


Pack Wisely

To start off with, make sure you steer clear of items such as pork, alcohol and tobacco meats when entering into the Maldives. Additionally, certain religious books are also considered quite the offense if found in possession. On the other hand, do not forget about your underwater cameras and associated equipment seeing as you are about to witness some other-worldly beauty of which you would really come to appreciate some proof of this for when the melancholic memories come swooshing in or a 'blue' Monday afternoon! Furthermore, in any case if you own any snorkelling, surfing, or diving gear you may want to bring it along so as to cut down on additional expenses. Last but not least, pack as much sunscreen as you possibly could- you are going to need it. Not to mention do also make sure you pack up an abundance of tropical-weather clothing, swimsuits, toiletries, surf wax, personal care products and even a medical emergency kit.

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