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Things You Should Know Before You Travel To The Maldives – Savouring A Slice Of Paradise

Maldives is a tropical archipelago located on the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by warm glistening waters, the over 1000 islands are clustered into 26 coral atolls. Water is the main venue for loads of fun in the sun and if you're planning a visit, here are facts to know before traveling to Maldives


The Maldives Is A Chain Of Over 1,100 Islands

Stretching along the Indian Ocean from North to South, the Maldives is a chain like group of islands on the Indian Ocean. The archipelago is made up of over 1,100 little islands which have been clustered into what's called atolls; there are 26 atolls. Amongst the islands, only around 200 plus are occupied, a good portion of them are private islands occupied by resort chains. The best luxury hotel Maldives has to offer will be one located on its own island, surrounded by a house reef and sun bleached white sand beach. Many like Velassaru Maldives are perfect for snorkelling, chilling on the white sand beaches and even learning to scuba dive at the dive centre.


Male Is The Capital Of Maldives

The Velana International Airport located on the capital island, Male, is where your international flight arrives. From Male you will transfer to your Maldives resort, via speedboat, seaplane of ferry. The Maldives is listed as the worlds 9th smallest country and land mass consists of just 300sqkms, although, the entire archipelago is 90,000sqkms.


The Maldives Is Only One Hour From The Island Of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is just one hour from the Maldives, and most tourists choose to fly into the Maldives breaking their long-haul flight in Sri Lanka. You could even plan to visit Sri Lanka from Maldives if you are flying in direct. Whichever way you choose, a holiday in the Maldives is ideal to throw in some time to visit other tropical locations close by.


No Visa Needed To Arrive In Maldives

You need not apply early for a visa when planning your Maldives holiday. On arrival in the country you will be issued a 30 day free visa; this is valid to all nationalities. The only condition is to make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in the Maldives.


Taking Alcohol To The Maldives Is Banned

Alcohol is banned from being brought into the Maldives. You cannot order liquor outside of your private resort where of course, you are free to enjoy your holiday as you wish. However, outside of your resort you must adhere to the law and make sure you do not offend anyone. As a 100% Muslim nation pork too is banned in the Maldives plus, you cannot bring in any other religious pamphlets or books to the nation. Islam which took root in the Maldives around the 12th century is wholly embraced there and you must follow the strict customs. These include dressing modestly when touring local islands, bikinis are reserved for your private resort in Maldives, as are garments exposing knees and shoulders. The Maldives, despite its Islamic customs, is one of the most modern tropical destinations to enjoy a holiday of sun sand and sea.