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Tips to Take the Best Maldives Photos - Make your photos look absolutely stunning

The Maldives is one of the most visited tropical destinations in South East Asia and the stunning photos you take back with you will keep you wanting to go back for more.


Face the sun

The beautiful Maldives comes alive with the warm sun rays. Make sure you are always facing the sun when you take the photos as this will add natural lighting to the photo. If you want to try different effects you can turn to different angles and the manner in which the sun rays hit your face is bound to create exciting photos.


Make sure to have depth

A flat backdrop is not going to produce an interesting photo. Having the ocean, trees and perhaps a few other props that will allow the picture to have depth are bound to make the photograph beautiful and memorable. Even if it means adding depth by capturing a small area of a tree, which might be a few branches, that is a better way to pursue than avoiding the tree as a whole. This is especially important if the subject of the photo is not close to the camera


Do not use any effects while taking the photo

There is no doubt you are going to visit several stunning beaches in the Maldives which are on the top of the list of the Maldives attractions. Most of the resorts and hotels in the Maldives such as Milaidhoo Island Maldives are located on individual islands making island hopping easy and exciting. As much as you might feel tempted to take the photograph with different effects refrain from doing this with all the photographs.


Make sure there is a contrast between the background and the subject

Make sure there is a contract even a subtle contrast between the background and the subject of the photo. For example, if the subject of the photo is wearing a blue or sea green bathing suit or dress it is not a sensible idea to have the vast blue ocean as the backdrop. It is best to have a brownish background with trees and mangroves or mountains and buildings if you feel the subject is blending in with the backdrop. These are nice one-off shots but they are not going to be memorable photographs from the trip you made.


Do not try to capture vast areas of the surrounding into one frame

The Maldives is absolutely stunning and there is no doubt about it. However, since you are in this stunning paradise you might feel inclined to capture a vast area of the background in a single frame. This is not a successful method as it will only make the subject disappear and make the photo.


Take several shots but keep only the best

Since you are in a location that you are not going to be able to visit daily it is best to take a couple of shots while you are taking the photos. If you are near the ocean, posing n a particular manner takes about 5-8 shots of that picture with subtle angle and light changes. At the end of the day or the end of the vacation, review these photos and delete the ones that you are not happy with.

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