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Classroom Resources

This is a list of resources that help to promote effective learning environments for every type of student that you may encounter.

Strategies for Building a Productive and Positive Learning Environment

This resources gives certain steps that help any teacher to provide a stable and effective learning environment for any child that may enter into that classroom. It takes you step by step and tells you exactly what you should do and how you can do it best. I will use this in the classroom by using these ideas when teaching my students and helping me to make sure they are learning in the best environment and with the best educator. we have learned how to best understand our students and their differences and this provides the best information.

Six Tips For Creating A Positive Learning Environment In Your Classroom

These are tips to provide an educator with the best information to help them provide the best classroom for their children. it gives you tips on what to do in certain situations and how to treat certain students. I will use this article to help me fell the most comfortable in the classroom knowing that I am providing these children with the best learning environment. we have learned how we can keep every child involved and make sure every child is getting the best education and this article provides very good steps to succeed in this.

Differentiating Instruction: It’s Not as Hard as You Think

When some teachers think of differentiation, they imagine having to create a different lesson for every student in the room. In this video we see how we can best make sure that every student is getting the most information possible that is best for them. I can use this video in future years when I teach to help me to understand that not every child is the same but also that I don't need to change my entire way of teaching for every childs needs and that we need to learn how to do one thing that accommodates to every child in the end. in class we have discussed how we can best understand every child and how they earn separately and how we can help that child feel equal to everyone else who doesn't need help and this videos helps the best with that.

How to Talk to Kids About Race

“The worst conversation adults can have with kids about race is no conversation at all,” says author Jemar Tisby. this video provides good information about how to best help kids understand the importance of accepting any person with a different race than you or a different background. It provides good advice on how any educator or parent can best help their children understand racism and cultural backgrounds and how to make them understand that differences are good. I can use this in the classroom by making sure that every child understands that it okay to be different and its okay to be friends with kids who are different than you. we discussed this in class and talked about how much racism and prejudice has affected the kids of today and how that should be changed and this videos helps by giving examples of what we can do to stop this.

Prejudice and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, power, social class, and prestige

This video best describes racism and prejudice and what they both really are. Watching this video can really help me in my classroom and any teacher in their classroom to understand what it is and how to recognize it. By recognizing racism and prejudice we can then begin to understand how best to deal with it. this video can then keep us informed and helpful when it comes to these situations. Within this class we have learned a lot about racism and prejudice because we need to best learn how to teach certain people and how to deal with a diverse classroom and this video provides great information on these two topics.

11 Children's Books That Teach Kids About Diversity

Travel is one way we teach our children about cultural diversity. Reading is another. Here's a list of our favorite books that teach kids about diversity. this article provides a list of certain books that will help kids understand diversity and how to be okay with talking about it. I would use this article to help me provides the best books to my kids when teaching them about diversity and differences between them and their friends. I would use these books to help them understand that it is okay to be different. in this class we have discussed many things including diversity and how to best introduce it and discuss it in the classroom and this article provides good examples of what is best way for you to do so. – Enrique's Journey tells the unforgettable quest of a Honduran boy looking for his mother, 11 ye...

This is a link to a website that includes a description about the book Enrique's journey. this book can be a very good resource to help the kids in your classroom understand different cultures and immigration. it can help students and teachers know how to best deal with kids in these situations. I would use this book to help myself understand how to help these kids that do come from immigrant parents and how to best deal with these situations in the best way possible. in this class we actually read this book and talked about it a lot and it helped us all understand his life and any immigrant childs life.

This resources is a list of so many different ways any parents can get involved in the classroom. this article can help parents understand ways that they can be involved and do something for their child. I would use this to help encourage parents to do certain things. this would also help me to know exactly what the parents should be doing to help out. In this class we discussed how helpful it is to get involved in your kids lived and how it can keep your children interested in school.

Effective Ways to Get Parents More Involved in the Classroom | Resilient Educator

Parental support is a big indicator in student achievement and good teachers will find ways to encourage parents to become involved in classroom activities. this article help any teacher understand how they can make sure every parent it somehow involved and dong their part in the classroom. I will use this article to help me get ideas of how best to keep every parent involved and keeping up with their children's school life. in this course we have talks about the importance of getting each parent involved and helping the students through this goal and this article help me to find these ideas easier.

How to Encourage Parental Involvement in the Classroom | Synonym

Getting parents involved in the classroom is vital to student success. this article makes sure that we know how to best ask parents for help without overstepping or asking too much of the parent. I would use this article to give me ideas on how to best ask parents to help and be involved. we have learned throughout this course that getting parents involved is one of the best things for a child because it makes them feel special and cared for which this article helps very much with.