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Healthcare Company in Mumbai

With its specialized and high-quality products, Merck has become a leader in Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials Sector. Get details.

Allergies cause discomfort, irritation, and pain. Merck's research-based world-class treatments can make life easier for millions of allergy sufferers. Get details.




At the India Allergopharma business, we aim to help people enjoy a full life without being restricted by their allergy symptoms. Along with doctors and scientists, we search for individualized therapy solutions that best fit patients’ specific needs and fight the cause of the allergy.

Clinical & Diagnostic Products and Services - Merck India Expertise

Merck provides diagnostic & clinical companies with the broadest range of reagents, equipment & services to scale their processes. Learn more.

Industrial Manufacturing & Distribution | Innovative Industrial Solutions - Merck India Expertise

Merck India manufacturing and distributing quality products and services. Merck India's Innovative Industrial solutions help companies meet industry regulations & stay competitive in the ever-changing Industrial market. Learn more.

High Quality Effect Pigments for Plastic, Printing & Speciality Coating | Merck India Expertise

Merck offers high quality effect pigments for plastic, printing & specialty coatings that brings color, sparkle & shine to the products that shape our daily lives. Learn more.

Merck India provides best solutions for reliable Food and Beverage Analysis. If you are in the food and beverage business, we can be your efficient partner in detecting contaminants and chemical residues. Our products can spot the nutritional value of food and beverages, and identify inconsistencies in quality.

Pharmaceutical Researchers | Merck

Merck India is a leading pharmaceutical company in India. Merck supplies Pharmaceutical customers with research & drug discovery solutions, necessary to make a difference across diverse therapeutic areas.

Performance Materials | Merck India

The portfolio of our Performance Materials business sector is diverse as the colors of the rainbow – be it groundbreaking liquid crystals and OLED materials for displays, materials for integrated circuits, effect pigments for coatings and color cosmetics or functional materials for energy solutions.

Multiple Sclerosis Drug Companies | Merck

Merck develops options aimed at lessening Neurology & Immunology treatment burden, improving adherence and making administration more convenient. At Merck India, we are committed to helping and supporting patients living with chronic progressive diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Biomanufacturing Services | Merck India Expertise

Merck's BioReliance® End-to-End Solutions offers biopharmaceutical, biomanufacturing & toxicology services helping companies bring life-changing drugs to market, faster. Learn more.

Biopharma Manufacturing Solutions | Merck India

Merck India’s pharma & biopharma manufacturing solutions help customers in bringing molecules to market, improving process economics, and managing risks. Our operational processes offer Indian customers supply chain transparency, reliability and predictability. This helps protect the customers’ drugs throughout the manufacturing process.

Immuno Oncology Treatments - Merck India Expertise

As I reflect over the last five years, a mere blip in the timeline of medicine, I can see how transformative the field of immuno-oncology is.

Clinical Diagnostic Products - Merck India Expertise

Merck provides clinical diagnostic products companies with the broadest range of reagents, equipment & services to scale their processes.