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Pet Health Care - One-Stop Solution for Pet Health

If you looking for health-related tips for your pet here is the best pet health care adviser of all time. We provide the most popular brand in the best prices available in the market.

Heartgard Plus for Dogs: The Ultimate Heartworm Disease Protection

Worms potentially cause serious health problems for your dog. Try HeartGard Plus for dogs, it is a chewable drug used for preventing various kinds of worms like heartworms, hookworms, round worms etc.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month: What Is Animal Cruelty & How To Stop It?

Though we work towards preventing cruelty to animals for the entire year, in April, we pay extra attention to this cause. Let us see how badly the abuse and cruelty affect the animals, both physically and mentally.


Stories That Will Make You Fall in Love with Dogs

Stories That Will Make You Fall in Love with Dogs

CanadaVetCare decided to reach out to a few pet parents and ask them about their pets! So, let’s see what pet parents have to say about their beloved pets.

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Does Omega 3 Causes Dog Cancers? Let's Find Out

You must have heard the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids...that it is very healthy and protects dogs from many inflammatory diseases but does Omega 3 causes dog cancers? Let's find out here.

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6 Tips to Include Dog Training as A Part of Your Routine

Learning definitely shouldn’t be limited to the training class. It is essential to reinforce your dog’s good behavior in a way that it becomes their second nature. Here are the tips to train your Fido practically by including pet training as a part of your everyday life.

Puppy Mill Action Week – 5 Actions That Can Save Puppies

On these Puppy Mill Action Week , we have shared some facts about crualty of puppy mills & with these actions you can also be part of this mission and help.

8 Best Career Options for Pet Lovers

Choosing the right career is very crucial for your future. If you’re a pet lover and have been struggling to find the right career path, you have arrived at the right place.

Heartgard Plus for Dogs: Protect Your Dog from Heartworm Disease

It is easy and prudent to safeguard the pets with single monthly dose of HeartGard Plus. Canada Vet Care provides several options for buying and payment options with safe home delivery.

5 Dog-Related Tax Exemptions You Can Be Eligible to Claim - Legal Reader

Dogs are a member of the family, too. Government agencies don’t see them in that manner, though and hence, they can’t be counted as a dependent.

National Best Friend’s Day – Top 5 Gifts for Your Fur Friend

Make this National Best Friend’s Day an indelible special day for him/her by promising a healthy lifestyle for them. And to fulfill that promise, here are the top five gifts that help you keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

How To Be A Part Of National Rescue Dog Day?

It is a special day that celebrates the importance of rescue dogs and why one must adopt rescue animals rather than shopping for them. There are numerous ways to take part in National Rescue Dog Day. Here’s a list of them.