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Updated by Nidhi Mehra on May 27, 2020
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Health Insurance: 8 Tips to choose the Best Medical Insurance

Want to buy health insurance for your family? Check our list of 6 important tips on how to choose the best medical or health insurance policy in India.

Star health Family Health Optima Default Health Insurance Policy

Buy Family Health Optima Default health insurance policy online from Star health. Medical Insurance plan covering health care facilities, claim process & network hospital etc.

Personal Finance Information: How to get the best health insurance without a medical test?

Buying a health insurance plan has become the need of the hour as medical costs are increasing every day. If a medical contingency strikes, it threatens to wipe out your financial savings and leave you penniless. In such a situation, having a health insurance plan comes as a blessing as the plan covers the medical costs and spares you the financial horror. Health insurance policies provide coverage against medical expenses and safeguard your finances. You should, therefore, invest in a comprehensive health plan to cover the financial implication of a medical illness.

Difference between term insurance and life insurance - which one to choose? : nidhimehra — LiveJournal

Life insurance plans cover the risk of premature loss of human life and provide financial security. Moreover, life insurance policies come in different types and each type of policy aims to fulfil a particular financial goal that you might have. Despite the different types of life insurance plans,…

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health care in the last 10 years - Why the cost of health care in the last 10 years increased so much?

According to a report presented by Mercer Marsh Benefits, in which the medical inflation in India is forecasted to be 10% while inflation would be 5%. This figure clearly depicts the rising trend in medical expenses. In recent times medicine has made tremendous advancements and the treatments available today were not available earlier. This medical advancement has also brought about an increase in the cost of healthcare making it unaffordable for the common man. Don’t you, therefore, wonder why healthcare costs have increased so much?

5 Things to Know Before Buying Term Life Insurance Plan

Know 5 Factors to Choose the Best Term Insurance Plan for your family. Understand how to calculate term insurance coverage, plan tenure & claim settlement ratio etc

Top 5 reasons why you need term insurance

buy term plan online as it is a wise thing to do. The plan provides unmatched financial protection for your family giving you peace of mind. The premiums are low and affordable allowing you to choose sufficient coverage so that your family does not fall short on funds in your absence. Lastly, the tax benefit is the icing on the cake which adds to the value of the plan. So, buy term plan online and secure your family.

How much term insurance cover should you buy? by Nidhimehra

A term insurance policy provides a source of income for the family if the bread-winner is not around. The plan covers the risk of premature death. If the breadwinner of the family invests in a term insurance plan and then dies prematurely, the policy pays the family a death benefit.

Religare Care With NCB Health Insurance Policy

Buy Care With NCB health insurance policy online from Religare. Medical Insurance plan covering health care facilities, claim process & network hospital etc.

Health insurance ensures the best healthcare for you & your family in a medical emergency

Medical emergencies strike unannounced and when they do, besides incurring physiological stress, you also face financial stress. Medical treatments have become quite expensive as new and modern day treatments have revolutionized the healthcare sector. While modern medicine has found cures of many dreaded illnesses, it has also become unaffordable for the common man. Moreover, illnesses…

Health Insurance Plans: Buy Medical Insurance Policies Online