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Student Success Stories: Scaler Academy

Join Scaler Academy, a 6 month immersive online program that helps you develop your coding skills and gets you interview ready with no upfront cost.


Scaler Academy Review: Subham's inspiring journey from Tier 3 College to Bagging Offers From Top Product Based Companies

Overcoming the hurdles of life, our scaler Subham Mallick paved his way from Scaler Academy to the top product companies. Check out the video to hear our Scaler Mentee's Inspiring Journey.

Scaler Academy Review - Our Scaler Mohit Rai Shares His Success Journey

From revamping his coding skills to getting job offers from top product based companies, our Scaler Mohit Rai shares his experience as a Scaler Mentee. Watch the video to hear his complete story and what advice he has for budding coders.

"My Experience With Scaler Academy" - Scaler Mentee Rishi Prakash Barawal

At Scaler Academy, we believe in creating a community of best coders who continuously engage themselves in learning and growing together. Here is a video by our Scaler Mentee Rishi Prakash sharing his experience with us.
Learn more about our Student Success Stories here.

From Scaler Academy to Cyware Labs: Review by our Scaler Saurav Gupta

Our Scaler Saurav Gupta shares his journey of how he managed to chase his dream despite coming from a humble background and his prep tips on bagging a job offer from Cyware Labs. Check out more of our student success stories here.

Scaler Academy Success Stories: Inspiring Journey of our Scaler Karan Kanwal

Karan Kanwal graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from a Tier 3 college, ran a business for a year post his graduation and then began his preparations for Bank PO exams. His inclination to learn coding and bettering his skills made him join Scaler Academy. Today, he holds an offer as a software engineer from one of India's best startups, ShareChat!

How I got into Walmart - AMA with Mohini Bansal, SDE 3 at Walmart | Scaler Academy

Scaler Mohini Bansal shares her journey of how she managed to pursue her dream despite the unfavorable conditions. She also talks about her experience as a mentee at Scaler Academy, her preparation secrets, tips and tricks that she learned along the way.

Student Success Stories | Scalar Academy

Here's a testimonial from one of our mentees, Ayush Gupta, at Scalar Academy.

Passionate about coding from early on, he joined our Scaler Academy program which instilled alot of confidence in working towards his dream career under the guidance of our dedicated mentors.

His aspirations of becoming a successful coder took a turn for the better/ turned into reality when he landed a job at Amazon.

Scaler Academy Experience - Story of Ajitesh Kumar from Scaler Academy to Amazon

Watch the inspiring Success Story of our Scaler Ajitesh Kumar, who didn't let his educational or financial background come in the way of his success.

Scaler Academy Review - Scaler Arjun Reddy's journey to Converse Now

Check out this video of our Scaler, Arjun Reddy, who believed in perseverance and how it paved way to his successful career path. In this video, he shares his journey in securing a job offer from Converse Now.

My Honest Review About Scaler Academy - Ved Sinha

Our Scaler Academy community aim at providing aspiring coders a platform to grow and transform into a better version of themselves. It gives us great pleasure to share this testimonial by one of our Scaler Mentee Ved Sinha. Learn more about our student success stories here.

Review of Scaler Academy by Nipun Suradkar

We are happy to share the success story of our Scaler Mentee "Nipun Suradkar" who is an amazing example of "When talent meets hard work, anything is Achievable". Read More Of Our Scaler Academy Reviews.

Scaler Academy Review: How Scaler Academy Helped me grab my Dream Job At Google!

Read our Scaler Swapnil Mahajan's complete journey in his own words, where he shares how he began his preparation from scratch, motivation amongst failures during the journey, secrets to his not-giving up attitude, the contribution of Scaler Academy to grab his dream job at Google and most importantly, his advice for individuals who want to aim higher in life.

Scaler Academy Alumni's share their tips on how they cracked the Google Coding Interview

Scaler's Naman and Swapnil both had dreams of working with leading technology or product based companies. Here in this video, they talk about what challenges they faced in their journey and share useful tips on how to crack coding interviews at top product based companies.

Scaler Ayush Gupta Shares His Amazon Interview Experience

Hailing from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Scaler Ayush Gupta has bagged a job offer as an SDE at Amazon.
In this video, he talks about his Amazon Interview experience, sharing some useful resume building tips, his preparation for the interviews & the process after the interview till the final offer.

IIITH Alumni Startups InterviewBit and Scaler Academy - Reimagining Online Tech Education -

From IITH batchmates in 2010 to startup founders of InterviewBit & Scaler Academy, they’ve come a long way.

Here's a glimpse of how they started off and are pursing their dream of revolutionizing online tech education.

How To Get Started With Competitive Programming - Scaler Academy

Master the art of Competitive Programming. Since the problems posed to a programmer includes a considerable variety of approaches that a programmer needs to follow, programmers use commonly defined techniques and structures to solve these problems. This helps the programmer to manage the data in the problem efficiently, and approach the problem in a structured way.

Experience with Scaler Academy : Review for Freshers - DEV

From the first image of “doubt” to now taking the mission of “GivingBack” ahead in full spirit, The journey of Scaler Kumar Saurav has been anything, but Ordinary. Here's a glimpse of his experience in his own words.

From Scaler Academy to Lido Learning: Review by Kumar Saurav

Scaler Kumar Saurav shares his preparation strategy for Lido Learning interview, his learnings as a meetee at Scaler Academy & advice to budding coders.

My Journey with Scaler Academy: From an Electronics Engineer to a Software Engineer at Samsung

Scaler Anuj Bhatnagar, part of our Scaler Academy's June 2019 batch shares his journey with us, talking about his college days, his decision to switch to software despite coming Electronics background, what was his take on our curriculum, his learnings and interview preparation tips on how he bagged a job offer as an SDE from Samsung.

Scaler Academy Review: India's First Job-driven Online Tech-versity‎

Most of the top product companies are seeking software engineers with industry-specific skills.
Through Scaler Academy, we've always envisioned of giving back to the coding community by constantly thriving to help software engineers revamp their coding skills and giving them an opportunity to prove themselves at top companies.
Dare to dream. We have got your back!

Scaler Academy Changed My Life In The Best Possible Way: Review by Suraj Kumar Awasthi

From spending three years in a service-based company to now cracking all four product-based company interviews, my journey with Scaler Academy has been anything but Ordinary.
Here's an insight into his journey.

How I Got Into Amazon: My Review of Scaler Academy

“Some People Dream Of Success While Others Wake Up and Work Hard At It” – Napoleon Hill.
This quote is well-suited to describe the journey of our Scaler Shubham Verma.
Here is a detailed story of his journey with Scaler Academy.

From Mechanical Engineer to Software Developer: My Experience with Scaler Academy

Presenting the journey of our Scaler Rishav Utkarsh, a testimony to the hard work and relentless drive for progress paved the way to securing his dream job as an SDET at DE Shaw.

My Scaler Academy Experience: SDE at D.E Shaw Rajdeep Pal

We are delighted to be sharing the journey of our Scaler Rajdeep Pal- sharing details about his change in career path, learnings and experience with Scaler Academy, his preparation strategy for interviews and how he bagged job offers from D.E. Shaw & VMware.

Scaler Academy Review: How I fast tracked to my dream career at Microsoft in 6 months.

From being stuck for 3 years to now landing in the dream career at Microsoft, The journey of Devendra Verma is very relatable and humanly. He got candid and shared with us his life journey, motivation when nothing was going right and experience with Scaler Academy in his own words.