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Ask These 3 Questions Before Investing In AI Technology

Ask These 3 Questions Before Investing In AI Technology

John McCarthy triggered a curiosity about Artificial Intelligence in the year 1955, and since then the world is going ga-ga about the technology. This tech is now dominating most of the sectors and would soon become the part and parcel of our lives.

On one hand, where the use of AI is increasing, it is becoming more and more difficult to separate real from fake. AI technology is now being used to provide fake solutions. For example, advertisers are using it to boost diversity in their ads, and dating applications are faking profiles to boost the number.

According to statistics, almost 40% of European AI startups don't even use this technology. In such a situation it is important to answer the set of questions mentioned below, and know if the business is ready to begin their journey or not. So without any further ado, let us take a look;

1. How exactly the tech works?

One should begin by asking the companies about the processing of their solution, and how it is being linked with AI. One needs to fetch a good understanding of what it does. Make sure to know why simpler techniques or automation is not used to design the solution/product/app. The brand that is selling the product must be able to explain the need for using AI.

Asking such questions one would be able to make a difference between AI algorithms and marketing. For example an all with the feature that suggests the users about the best-suited products could be developed using AI or it could be developed using simpler techniques. And there is no need to confine yourself from asking such questions.

2. If the product created using data?

The AI-based solution needs a lot of data because only data can make it smarter. Hence, it is necessary to know what data is being used. To train the product. For example, training an app to write articles with the help of several articles present online.

It is important to ask the company about the data that must be provided to keep the product intelligent. Consider it an alarm if there is no requirement for data.

3. How to label the data?

Any AI-based solution needs that the data is being labeled in a particular format for the product to understand it. Procuring high-quality images to train an AI-based solution to read pictures is not enough. It is a must to label them very carefully in order to make Artificial intelligence learn. Take facial recognition as an example. Here humans need to draw boxes around the faces in order to teach the tech what exactly the face looks like.

So remember to ask a vendor the manner in which they label data or whether the labeling needs to continue after its deployment. It is just another indication to know whether or not the AI-based solution is learning from the data or not, and also if there is a certain process.

Basic tech solutions run the program in a specific manner all the time. But when artificial intelligence is involved the solution can learn every time the data runs. This helps them to improve the adaptability with every feedback.

It is important to ask the vendor the questions to know about the process of learning and the sort of feedback that is required. Take emails for example, once a person marks a mail important, an AI-based solution learns to classify future emails. It is the most common example to continue learning with the help of feedback. If an intelligent system fails to take such important feedback must not be that intelligent.

These are the three major questions that one needs to ask before buying an AI-based solution.

If you need to know more about the technicalities then feel free to reach out to us for more information. But till then, stay hooked.

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Top 6 Technologies That Are Boosting Mobile App Development In 2020

Top 6 Technologies That Are Boosting Mobile App Development In 2020

Technology has always been the center of attraction. As it is branching out further into different sectors, the curiosity of the world to know more about it is constantly rising. Take a look at the six most popular techs for app development in 2020.

1. Augmented reality**

Here the objects in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated technology. This tech is now winning a lot of hearts. We can commonly find it in Instagram and Snapchat face filters. AR is continuously expanding its capabilities and entering into the world of education, entertainment, training, healthcare, and whatnot. The rise in AR-based application is inspiring the top brands to get more involved with this tech.

*2. Blockchain technology *

It is a decentralized and distributed ledger that stores transactional records in the form of blocks that are connected with each other over a network. The time when people linked it with only cryptocurrencies is long gone. The peer to peer nodes makes it difficult for an outsider to hack into the system. This is the reason why we can witness the use of apps based on blockchain technology in different sectors like finance, education, healthcare, supply chain, fashion, entertainment, and whatnot.

3. Virtual reality

This is a simulated experience. It can be similar and different from the real world. It takes the user into a different reality and delivers a mind-blowing experience. Many sectors like real estate, gaming, entertainment are trying to build applications based on this tech. With this, the user can completely immerse themself into a digital 3D environment.

The rising popularity of this tech is boosting its use in a varity of fields like military, medicine, and architecture.

4. Artificial intelligence & Machine learning

When John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1955, nobody knew about the gargantuan popularity it would receive. The world is progressively moving towards AI and its subset machine learning. AI is a technology that focuses on machines that can carry out a task, just like a normal human being, and without any input for the humankind.

Machine learning is a subset of AI. It is an application of artificial intelligence. It is focused around the idea that we must give the machines access to the information and data and allow them to learn.

The use of this technology can be seen in the application to boost personalization and provide the ultimate user experience to the audience.

5. Chatbot technology

It is basically a computer program that is stimulated to have a conversation with humankind over text or voice. The conversation is done over the internet. It is a virtual companion that can be integrated into an app, website, etc. Many businesses are reaping the advantages provided by the automated system of communication. They study the patterns and make use of intelligent algorithms to provide the most appropriate reply to the user. From e-commerce to healthcare a lot of companies are using this technology by integrating it into an application. Doing this enhances the user experience of the platform.

6. Internet of Things

This tech is a system of interrelated computing devices, digital and mechanical machines. They have unique identifiers and also possess the capability to transfer data and information over a network. It does not require humans to machine and human to human interaction. Basically, it is just things that sense and collects information and send it to the internet. App technology with IoT is giving rise to multiple applications for smart homes, cars, healthcare, etc.

These are the six top technologies of 2020. If you want to know more about them, then feel free to connect with us. But until then, stay hooked to this space for more information.


5 Different Types Of Apps You Can Create To Rock The Online World

5 Different Types Of Apps You Can Create To Rock The Online World

The global audience is dwelling under the utmost convenience of trending technologies like mobile app development. This is a clear indication of the fact that apps have been able to eradicate the differences present between the audience and the process. The pandora of successful opportunities that they deliver is turning a lot of heads. The time when we must embrace the tech transformation is here.

The wave of digitalization is dominating a variety of verticals in the market. Budding entrepreneurs are keenly observing the trend to find out the best fit for their business. Basically, businesses are always looking for ideas that can make them a hit. But one thing that must be kept in mind is to follow the holistic approach to garner the true potential of technology.

As there are thousands and thousands of options available, it gets very tough to choose the right type of application. So here is the list of 5 coolest types of apps to fetch the inspiration from. Take a look, and if you are still stuck with confusion, you can always reach out to professionals for discussing more opportunities.

1. E-commerce

No matter what happens, people are never going to stop shopping. It is the only way they can forget about the hectic schedules and relish the excellent shopping experience. The problem with the traditional brick and mortar store was that they required the users to get dressed and stand in the never-ending queue to purchase the things they want.

Of course, this approach allowed the buyers to get what they want, but it involved a lot of extra effort. For example, customers, even after a tiring day at work, needed to travel to the nearby store to fetch the items. But this approach never provided them with convenience. Online shopping with the help of e-commerce apps helped them to get the products delivered at home without breaking any sweat.

Therefore, e-commerce becomes a great choice for a business.

2. Blogging

Sharing is the only way we can keep this humankind running. Earlier people used to write letters and let others know how they feel. But with the introduction of technology, apps for blogging, this process became online.

Blogging application platforms are one of the most trending options as it offers a lot of monetary benefits to both the owners and users. You can also go for a progressive web app (PWA) as it is a perfect fit for this particular venture. For now, there are many applications present in the market, but the market always has room for somthing extraordinary. Do the required research and come up with a plan to excel in this department.

3. Social networking

As the world is wagging a war against the invisible enemy, social networking applications are providing a great way to the users to remain in constant contact with their near and dear ones. Introducing a platform that can boost the interaction between the people can help a process to establish a strong foothold in the market.

There are a lot of ways to stand out and create your own impact. With the use of techs like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and whatnot can prove revolutionary for a business.

4. Music streaming

Music can not only set your brain on the right track, but it can also set your business on the right track. The eruption of platforms for online music streaming applications is attracting a lot of curious brains. It is just a small demonstration of the mega online streaming world that would be captivating the attention of the global user base.

5. Fitness

After talking about music, we just cannot forget the rest of the activities that are linked with it. Yes, we are talking about fitness and its app development. This is a great venture to jump in as people these days are willing to join an online platform to workout from home. As there are fewer applications present in the market, introducing something in this domain can accelerate the revenue funnel.

These are the cool ideas for mobile app development that you can follow. If you are under any confusion then reach out to the team of developers from TECHUGO, and sort things out today. But until then, stay on this platform for more information.


8 Facts That Inspire Businesses To Create A Mobile App!

8 Facts That Inspire Businesses To Create A Mobile App!

Our development is speeding towards an era of complete digitalization. Businesses are now taking multiple steps to match the fast-paced technologies in order to deliver excellence to their clients/ customers. With success in mind, many are exploring the mobile app industry for better results.

An industry predicted to reach $6.3 trillion by the year 2021 is continuously expanding. Yes, mobile app development has a lot to offer to both users and businesses in almost all domains. With the rise in digitalization, we can also notice the use of other trending technologies integrated to enhance the efficiency of a business app. For example, Artificial Intelligence is now being used for better personalization, Blockchain is being used for developing a secure platform, chatbots are used for better user experience, and much more.

Now the question that arises here is why everyone is going crazy over mobile apps?

Is this question popping in your head too? Well, the wait is over as we are here to discuss all the reasons for that. Take a look-

1. Global reach

If you choose, you can expand the set the reach of your app. You can choose a region, country, world, or a set of countries.

2. Sell 24*7

Operating an application 24*7 is not a difficult job like that in a physical store. Here there is no need to get extra resources like staff, security, electricity, etc. It allows you to sell goods and services at all times.

3. Better sales

Once you are on Play Store or App Store, with the help of the right ASO and SEO you can get a lot of users, and your exquisite app technology will convert them into regulars customers.

4. Cuts competition

Not every of your competitor can figure out the key and gent on digital portals. Also, you get a lot of unique ideas here to beat the competition.

5. Loyal audience

Introducing loyalty programs allows customers to bond with the brands and offers a sure-shot way to gain a lot of them.

6. Lockdown-safe

The advent of the Pandemic forced most of the countries to get under lockdown. As a result of which businesses were shut and stores were closed. But the ones running online kept on going without any problem. That is the reason why business apps are considered lockdown-safe.

7. Smooth user experience

Going to physical stores, standing in a queue after a tiring day is not an ideal experience for shoppers these days. Now, they prefer shopping online while enjoying the comfort of their couch. As businesses deliver items and services at the customers' doorstep, it is not hard to notice the enhanced UX because of apps.

*8. Variety *

Applications deliver variety to the users that are shopping or buying services online. A single process can deliver all the solutions in just one click improving the options for them.

In A Nutshell

These are all the reasons why businesses are highly inclined to mobile app development. Their high demand in the market is triggering both established and young entrepreneurs to create innovative applications for their global customers. Are you too thinking about initiating the creation of your own product? If yes then it is crucial that you get hold of all the technicalities. For that, you must contact the right professionals.

When a user spends 80% of their phone-time, jumping from one application to another, the level of involvement can easily be measured. Technology is delivering a lot of advantages that one can use to establish a strong foothold in the market. But it required 100% effort from all ends.

So we recommend that you make all calculative decisions, and get closer to your success. If you need any help, then feel free to reach out, or leave a query in the comment section. But until then happy reading and stay connected.