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Iran travel guide

Iran is the second largest country in the middle east and Due to its location you’ll also find a big diversity in matters of the landscape: from high mountains, green forests and the coast of the Caspian sea in the north, the Persian Gulf in the south to the wide deserts in the east of the country.

Another highlight is the architecture: historical buildings from the time of the Persian Empire, majestic palaces from the Shah era and monumental mosques.

Iran is becoming a tourist hot spot this year, with tour operators reporting significant increases in tourists booking trips to the Middle Eastern country.

From ancient cities with breathtaking mosques to gorgeous natural landscapes, here are some of Iran’s most beautiful, untouched tourist attractions.


When is the best time to visit Iran? - Travel to Iran - ir Persiatour

Iran is a vast country with a variable climate. From freezing winters to hot summers, each corner of the country has its particular weather condition.

Money Exchange in Iran - ir Persiatour

As no international banking card works in Iran due to the sanctions, you have to bring cash with you. And pay attention to exchange your money at Agiotages.

Iran visa for American, Canadian and British nationals - ir Persiatour

England, Canada and US citizens have to have their itinerary and tour guide approved beforehead and sticking to the itinerary is a part of visa approval.

Transport service in Iran | airway, railway, roadway - ir Persiatour

There are three main ways to move from a city to another in Iran: Airway transport, railway transport and road transport.

3 forbidden things in Iran - ir Persiatour

As Iran is an Islamic country, Drinking alcohol, gambling and pork meat are illegal here and you can’t find any clubs or casinos in Iran.

Travel to Iran : All you need to know about backpacking - ir Persiatour

It is incredibly easy to hitchhike in Iran and the Couch surfing community enables broke backpackers to travel Iran on a budget of just ten dollars a day.

One of the historical attractions of Iran - Hegmataneh hill - Iran destination

One of the historical attractions of Iran is Hegmataneh hill, which is located in suburban area of Hamedan. It contains 50 acres of the city of Hamadan

Communication in Iran: How can I access internet in Iran? - ir Persiatour

Some restaurants, cafes and malls have free internet and you can easily connect to their wi-fi but what if you want to access to the internet anytime?

Abyaneh | The Red Village - About the oldest village of Iran - ir Persiatour

Abyaneh is one of  Iran tourism attractions and the oldest village in Iran. Existence of the village returns 2,500 years ago.

Is Iran safe for tourists? - Saftey in Iran - ir Persiatour

Unlike what many tourists imagine, Iran is a very safe place and many travelers have described it as “The safest country they’ve ever been to”.