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Scaler Academy: Accelerate Your Tech Career

Develop your coding skills with Interview Bit - a platform to learn programming online. We recently launched, Scaler Academy, a 6 month immersive online program to help candidates accelerate their tech career by providing dedicated mentors from top tech Industries to upscale their programming skills and getting them interview ready with no-upfront cost.


If learning is your priority, Scaler Academy is your One-stop solution

"When I got the opportunity to interview with Amazon, I used all the knowledge and insights given by them, and the interviewers were really impressed with me.

When my friends and juniors heard about my offer from Amazon, everyone was intrigued, and asked me how I had made it from a tier 3 college to one of the top companies. I recommended them to join Scaler Academy, not because it will get everyone into Amazon, but because they can learn and grow, and eventually reach their true potential. If there is anything my journey has taught me, it is to persevere and not give up, no matter how many hurdles we face."

A Transformational Journey With Scaler Academy

We are humbled by the review of our Scaler Ahrarul Haque ,
“Today, I am an SDE at Amazon, and as someone who belongs to the kind of background I do, it is a very proud feeling for everyone in the family. And Scaler has had a big role to play in that." Check out his complete journey.

Interview: Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-Founder of Scaler Academy says, "The ed-tech sector has been a silver lining during t...

In an interview with TechGraph, Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder of InterviewBit & Scaler Academy said, "The ed-tech sector has been a silver lining during the pandemic. It has transformed the education system drastically and has brought a paradigm shift in teaching and learning methodologies."

Being a part of Scaler helps me give back to my community.

Check out what Aishwarya Singh, Senior Software Engineer at Walmart had to share about his experience as a Scaler mentor.,
“I passed from college and I didn't have much knowledge about data structures and algorithms so that kind of makes sense why I didn't end up in some top product company.

Scaler Academy has helped me become a better engineer. I just tried to do my bit to make my fellow coders and juniors comfortable with it so that they become better prepared for what is coming their way."

Scaler Academy, a year in review | Hindustan Times

Professionals receive the highest salary package of INR 1.5 CR.

I credit Scaler Academy for where I am at today.

What I like best about the Scaler Academy program is that I can find help very quickly. We have to merely raise a help request, and within ten minutes, we receive assistance. Right from my teaching instructors to my peers at Scaler, I found everyone helpful and approachable.

Scaler Academy Review - Program Features, Curriculum, Outcomes

Scaler Academy, which started with a vision of bringing the finest learning experience to software engineers and bridging the gap between college education and industry needs, has been able to live up to the promises.

Scaler Academy Curriculum

To be a great software engineer, you need the following skills:

  • Good at Problem Solving
  • Ability to build a tech system from a real-world problem

Scaler Academy's curriculum has been formulated keeping the above requirement in mind. To ensure that each learner gets thorough knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals, and attains specialization in backend or full-stack while gaining proficiency in System Design (High-Level Design and Low-Level Design) through a project.
Our batches are categorized basis on their proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Experience Scaler Academy with our Free Trial.

Scaler Academy: Why we do, what we do.

With a vision to change the landscape of the tech-education industry, founder Anshuman Singh talks about how he & co-founder Abhimanyu Saxena left their high-paying jobs to create a free online platform for software engineers to practice on coding problems, and also their journey into launching Scaler Academy, a 6 month immersive online program, with the hope of building a successful programming community.

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Competitive Programming is all about building your problem-skills and logical ability to come up with a programming solution in the least possible time, this video covers some insightful tips on how to prepare for programming contests, availability of resources and ace interviews in good product based companies.