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My Classroom Resources Collection

In this list, I will have items that I want to use to help support my future diverse students in my classroom. I will have many items about how to make them comfortable, happy and safe in my future classroom. I will also have items that can help with teacher and parent communication.

10 Ways for Promoting Diversity in the Classroom

Some ways to promote diversity in a classroom are to be open about diversity. Make sure you are pronouncing their names correctly. Books you read to the class should all be different and teach about each culture. You should also allow the students to speak their native language in their classroom. You may learn a new language as a teacher. This will be useful in my future classroom because these things will help my students feel comfortable in my classroom. This relates to our diversity class because the article has ideas on how to support students who are diverse. The article gives ideas on how to make them feel comfortable in the classroom.

Yoko by Rosemary Wells | Scholastic

Yoko's classmates make fun of the sushi she brings for lunch. But then, on International Food Day, Timothy decides to try the treats Yoko has brought to share.

This book shows diversity because Yoko brings lunch to school. The students have never seen anything or have eaten anything like it. They make fun of her lunch just because it is different. In this book, the students learn to appreciate each others different choices in food. This relates to the diversity class because we as future teachers are learning how to make out future students feel safe in our classrooms. This semester we have learned how to celebrate our student's differences. I will read this book in my future classroom on my very first day each school year. I want my students to know it is important to celebrate our differences.

Preparing for Cultural Diversity: Resources for Teachers | Edutopia

How can teachers prepare for diverse classrooms? There isn't a definitive answer, but there is a wealth of resources online. This article gives examples of how to be prepared for a diverse classroom. It also gives activities to do with your students in your future classroom. This article is related to topics to we have discussed in our diversity class because we always have conversations about activities we can do in our future classrooms to have our students feel comfortable. I also really loved the pictures in this article. I thought the hands on the t-shirts in different colors was a great activity to show diversity.

What does diversity mean?

In my future classroom, I will show this video. I want my students to celebrate each others differences. I want them to be respectful of one another. This relates to our diversity class because in the class we learn to celebrate everyone's differences. We learn to make a classroom a safe space for all our students.

What I Like about Me by Allia Zobel Nolan

In this book, the children know they are all different. They embrace their differences in the story. They love their friends and themselves. They know that differences are good. They are what make you who you are. I will read this book in my future classroom. I want my students to celebrate themselves. I do not want them to be feel bad for being different because we are all different. This relates to our diversity class because this book celebrates diversity. We are accepted in this class with open arms. We are celebrated for our differences much like this book.

In this article, it talks about how A teacher should communicate with parents. They should make sure that they understand all the student's family situations. Then they can help their students emotionally too. You never know what a student may be struggling with at home. In our diversity class, we have talked about how important it is to get to know and understand your student's families. Knowing a student's family helps you better understand a student. I will make sure I make time to sit down with each family in my future classroom so I can better understand my students.

Pink Is For Boys - By Robb Pearlman (Hardcover) : Target

In this book, it teaches children that you can love anything. Boys can love to do things that girls usually like to do and girls can love to do things boys usually love to do. The color pink is usually associated with girls, but it should not be this way. Pink is not just for girls. Blue is usually associated with boys, but again it does not have to be this way. This book explains that boys and girls should be accepted for whatever they love. They should not be put down for loving something that is usually made for just boys or usually made for just girls. In our diversity class, we talk about how everyone should be accepted. We should love people for who they are and what they love. I want to read this book in my future classroom. I want my students to know that I will celebrate and be there for them no matter what they love.

We Are All Different - and THAT'S AWESOME! | Cole Blakeway | TEDxWestVancouverED

In this video, this brave boy speaks in front of a crowd. He talks about how he is unique. He is different and he likes it that way. He celebrates his differences. As an elementary school teacher, I know kids will do a silly thing like wear two different socks and shoes. They do it because they love it. They want to express themselves. I want to celebrate my students in my future classroom for their differences. In my diversity class, we talk about how we need to let children be who they are. They need to feel safe in our classrooms. This boy is proud to be who he is and I think that is incredible to know this at such a young age.

Same Difference (A Children's Book Story by Calida Rawles) - Official Video

In this story these two little girls are of different races. They notice in the story that they are different. They think that one of the girls must have something wrong with them because they are different. They are not the same. They do everything the same and like the same things, but since they look different they think they can not be the same. They learn in the story that they should celebrate their differences and that they are both beautiful. I love this story because I want my students in my future classroom to love themselves. I want them to celebrate their differences. I also want them to feel loved the way this grandmother in this book makes her grandchildren feel. In our diversity class, we learn to celebrate each other and learn how to make children feel loved in our classrooms. I will definitely be reading this to my future students to teach them about diversity.

Cultivating Connections with Diverse Families

In this article, it talks about how to communicate with diverse families in your classroom. You should get to know who they are. Once you start to understand families and work together your students will perform better. Their parents can work with you as a teacher to help their children have the best education. I want to make sure as a future teacher that I sit down with all my student's families. Iw ant to get to know their stories to help me better understand their children. In our diversity class, we learn how important it is to communicate with parents as teachers. I will use these strategies in my future classroom to help support my diverse students.