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Updated by Asia Society on Mar 23, 2016
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Best Korean Food in New York City

A live, interactive list of the best Korean restaurants in NYC. Participate by casting your vote up or down, or add a new contender by using the pink button!


Han Joo | Flushing

"Oh gosh, where do I begin?? This place is THE PLACE to go to for samgyupssal and nengmyun. To be honest, I haven't tried anything else on their menu except these two things, but who cares. The prices...

DO Hwa | West Village

"I was here for dinner on two occasions last month and I brought a few of my friends who have 1.) never tried korean food; 2.) very eclectic and refined palates. So you can imagine, I was taking something of a risk in...

Sik Gaek | Woodside

"Great place to eat. The food will impress you, especially the living lobster that gets cooked in front of you. The food taste is excellent too."

Cho Dang Gol | Midtown

"Cho Dang Gol is awesome. I really think their spicy tofu stew (sundubu jjigae) is better than BCD's. Their ingredients are fresh, and their tofu...


Kun Jip

Kun Jip

"Chanced upon this place for lunch while in the city with my wife and two kids. We knew we were on the right track when we realized we were the only non Koreans in the place. There was no line to get in maybe that's just...

Hanbat | Koreatown

"I had quite possibly one of my favorite meals here during my month in New York. I had the Sul Lung Tang. Nothing fancy; everything was just proper, good home style food. The ban chan was good, a decent variety,...

Gahm Mi Oak | Koreatown

"Didn't get the sul lung tang because I wanted the bossam sooooo bad, and it was a good move! Although I'll never know it. It was delicious and their kaktugi was one of the best I've had. I was eating that...

Gahwa | Flushing

"O.m.g. The bombest dolsot bibimbap!! If you go here you definitely have to get it. Also, the side dishes of kimchee are oh so good here, I always have to ask for more! The dolsot bibimbap is perfff, it...

Arang | Koreatown

"Late night snack in ktown is the best! We came after ASOT 600 at msg, hungry and ready to devour everything Arang can offer. My buddy ordered the cheese dukbokki with calamari (legit korean lasagna!!), bulgogi, gyoza, and...

Myung San | Flushing

"Man, these ladies can really cook..."

Danji | Hell's Kitchen

"Simply outstanding. When food and drink can make you feel "high" you know that you've come to food heaven. Quick food thought: the chef, incorporates the old country with the new. The "shigol ddeng jang ji gae" is not for...

Hanjan | Flatiron District

"This was the best surprise addition to Flatiron. Surrounded by BBQ, this little gem hits the spot! There really isn't a bad menu item, but don't leave without..."

Mapo BBQ | Murray Hill (Queens)

"Great Selection of Banchan. Small Cozy Restaurant in Queens, Predominantly Local Koreans (Good Sign) Not that much room but looks bigger due to Window wall. No room for Reservations, Just come in and be prepared to wait...