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Updated by Martin James on Apr 10, 2020
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Digital marketing for dummies - how it can help your business or passion


Have a dream to do something online?

Have a dream to do something online?

Now we are in lockdown, why not spend some time seting up a new online venture?


All it takes is a little research and SEO

All it takes is a little research and SEO

Assuming you are connected to the connected to the internet, you are good to go :-)


A little planning and research always helps

A little planning and research always helps

Numerous actions need to be undertaken so Google and the other search engines will rank and display a site in the rankings.

Like a book, the website needs to be structured, with well written content and meaningful headings for each section.

Once you've mapped it all out, well you are good to go :-)

Just remember to keep providing related content on a regular basis, whether that be daily, weekly or monthly.


Website coding

Website coding

Don't let complicated coding put you off building your site.

Nowadays, you can use HTML or Wordpress drag-and-drop website builders to make webpages.

Oh, by the way, Wordpress is just another variation of HTML with an inbuilt content management system.

And if you find it a bit scary or too techy, well ther are plenty of companies online who can design a website for you.


Website design and development

Website design and development

Before you build your site, make sure you have got a design that suits your needs.

Take a look at other sites in your niche/topic. Copy whatever seems to work. Why reinvent the wheel.

Once you a functional layout, start coding the site.

Once it's coded and you are happy with the look, make the site live.


Ranking yuor website

Ranking yuor website

So now you have a website hosted online. What next?

Well you'll need to register your site on business directories and other websites to boost your presence in the search engines.

You will also need to provide well written informative content on your web pages. Otherwise, you will probably not rank.

Google is the BIG search engine, however, there are others such as Bing.

After that, you will need traffic coming to your site. without traffic, you will have no conversations.


Local SEO

Local SEO

It does not matter whether you are a national or local company.

All business websites need search engine optimization (SEO) to rank and be visible on the first page.

SEO encompasses both on-page changes to either html code or keywords in the written content an doff-page tweaks involving the creation of backlinks and provision of traffic.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

So what the heck is digital marketing?

Well in simplistic terms it involves business promotion online using seo backling campaigns, guest posting, socail media campaigns, press releases and online advertising.


Dealing with hackers and negative SEO

Dealing with hackers and negative SEO

Sadly everyday websites are hacked online.

Fortunately protection measures can be deployed. Firewalls and security plugins can be deployed.

HTTPS secure sockets protocol can be deployed on the server that hosts the site.

Back-ups can be taken on a daily basis. So if the worst case scenario happens, the site can be restored.

Brand and website monitoring is also useful to keep an eye on any nasty backlinks that could harm the rankings and visibility of the site.

And if this is all too overwhelming, hand it over to an expert. Hack that's what we do.


Google rankings

Google rankings

Google is the biggest search engine.

Make sure you stay upto date with their rules so you always remain visible in the rankings, ideally on Page 1 if you have done everything correctly.

Good luck.

Thanks for taking the time to read my list.

Stay healthy, be happy and enjoy life :-)


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