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Different Types of Portrait Photography You Should Know - Expand your knowledge on portrait Photography

The general idea behind a Portrait Photograph is to be able to capture the person and his or her personality but there are so many different aspects and sub-genres of that you can learn about.


Couple, Family and Group Portraits

A portrait does not necessarily have to be one person in the photo. It can be a group of people, family, friends or even with pets and animals. Group Portraits are definitely more challenging than individual portraits and the photographer needs to acquire patience along with speed and accuracy to be able to capture the best moment.


Self Portraits

Self Portraits are one of the most misused segments in Photography as the selfie trend has brought Self Portraits to an exceptionally low level. Self Portraits are not an easy task as you play both roles of the subject of the photo as well as the photographer. You need to be able to get the angles, lighting and all other requirements ready in order to be able to set the mood and be able to fit into the role when the camera clicks. Self Portraits have taken a bad reputation due to the selfie sticks and the front-facing cameras and even though they also categorise as Self Portraits they are far from what the actual genre is.


Surreal Portraits

Surrealism is a trending genre not only in photography but in many other fields such as art and sculpture. Surreal Portraits are about creating a dreamy image that doesn't exist. This could be the manipulation of several photos, inducing different effects through Photoshop or other channels and even taking the photograph with the use of different props and tricks.


Conceptual Portraits

Conceptual Portraits as the name explains depicts a predetermined story or concept. Each and every detail in the photographed is placed there in order to be able to convey the message and everything has a reason and a part to play.


Fine Art Portraits

Fine Art Portraits are easily spotted at the Sri Lankan Art Gallery. Work from photographers from many years ago along with fine art portrait photographs can be spotted in many Sri Lanka art exhibitions which is a great way for the youngsters in the industry to learn about this genre.


Glamour & Boudoir Photography

Glamour and Boudoir Portraits have close sync with fashion portrait photography as the subject is chosen carefully. The makeup, hairstyles, clothing, and even the accessories are picked with careful attention to detail.


Candid and Street Portraits

Candid and Street Portraits are unplanned. The subjects are not aware that they are being the subject of a photograph and these tend to be instant and spontaneous. Right place and the right time is the perfect way to depict candid portraits.


Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are special because the location the shoot takes place has a significance to the subject of the photograph. It could be a forest, garden, balcony or home and the photograph covers a significant area of the environment along with the subject.


Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle portraiture depicts one person or several people in an everyday situation. It is likely not posed and the subjects although aware of the photo being taken, are enjoying the moment.


Traditional Portraits

Traditional Portrait photography is posed and generally depicts the subject looking at the camera as this allows the subject to be comfortable and look their best.