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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for Layan Phuket Beach Day Packing list – Ensure to bring these things before you head to Layan and Phuket
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Layan Phuket Beach Day Packing list – Ensure to bring these things before you head to Layan and Phuket

When visiting Thailand's most popular island you need to know what to take with you. Here is a list of things to consider before embarking on your beach days at Layan!


Essential documents

Before heading out make sure all your essential documents are in order. This includes passports and visas if required, hotel booking confirmations, plane tickets and good travel insurance cover are very important. Also, ensure your credit/debit cards are in working order and whether you have enabled foreign withdrawals with your bank. Make sure your accommodation is in order; it is wiser to pre-book before reaching Phuket. There are many luxury hotels in Phuket and Layan. There are other types of accommodation to choose from as well, so take your time to research beforehand. Anantara Layan Phuket Resort is ideal if you are looking for an indulging stay.


Other packing essentials

Phuket is a big island with a lot to discover, so unless you are backpacking it is best to travel lightly.
Travel cubes will come in handy and help you to separate and pack items more efficiently. Ensure you have waterproof organisers to separate wet clothes from the dry. A toiletry bag with essentials such as sunscreen, soap, shampoo and toothbrush. As Phuket is very humid, laundry bags will come in handy to keep sweaty and wet clothes separate from the clean clothes. A mosquito repellent is vital, buy several repellents with DEET before you fly out to Layan Phuket. Other than Google maps a portable map of Phuket and travel guide will also come in handy.



To combat the humidity and keep you comfortable pack several cotton t-shirts, dresses and shorts. A pair of hiking sandals, to explore the island via the many scenic trails. Or a good pair of sneakers will do the job as well. Open-toed footwear will be more comfortable; you can easily buy a pair once there as well. Take a few dressy clothes, in case you intend on visiting an upscale bar, restaurant or night club. Swimwear, of course, will be essential as the beaches are the main draw for the island. Pack at least two swimsuits so you an extra one waiting until the other one dries off. A big floppy hat and sunglasses are important accessories to keep the bright glare off your eyes. Bring your favourite pair of sunglasses from home, as most sold on the streets are of cheap quality and break easily.


Electronics and gadgets

A universal travel adapter to charge your electronics. This will be important as the power outlets used in Thailand is type B/C and Type O and may not be compatible with all countries. If you need a SIM card they can be easily purchased in Phuket. A pocket torch and a penknife will also be useful for sudden emergencies and when you have to travel at night. If your luggage does not have inbuilt luggage locks invest in a set of good locks before you travel.