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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Best Things to Do in Thonburi – The Essential Guide to Thonburi

While a fair share of the visitors to Thonburi does so for a stay at many its notoriously famed riverside hotels or to visit the famous Wat Arun Temple, it is important to know that this city has so much more to offer! Here is our spread on 5 best things to do in Thonburi if you are planning a visit!


Wat Arun

This is a landmark temple on the Thonburi bank of the Chao Phraya river. It has also been coined the term 'The Temple of the Dawn' seeing as how it is one of the first things to be kissed by the early mornings rising sun, there is no arguing that it is one of the most stunning temples that you could ever hope to come across in any country of the world let alone Bangkok. Just as much as its unique design and architecture, its spectacular riverside location truly sets this temple apart from the many others that are found scattered throughout the country. The colourfully decorated spires are a showstopper not to mention its extravagant light-up as dusk sets in! Along the riverbank of Chao Phraya one, too many Bangkok resorts provide easy access as well as some impeccable views of this outstanding establishment, such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.


Thonburi Canals

If the experience of Bangkok's floating markets doesn't convince you enough to pop down for a visit, we cannot imagine what will! Bangkok is quite popular for its series of canals and waterways which once used to serve as their main form of transport about the city. Even to date, they stand to serve commuters and travellers to get between two places and is an excellent way to get a taste of 'local life' from back in the day- before all the machines started showing up! One of the many eerily satisfying things that you are bound to come across on this journey is the traditional markets. You'd be lying if you say that even for a second you hadn't wished that this is how the world would still operate- gondolas and overwater markets!


Artist's House

Also known as Baan Silapin, this 200-year-old wooden house on the water's edge is a spectacular curation of fond forms of expression ranging from painting and masks to puppets and statues! The key highlight of this place is the 600-year-old chedi hidden away in the middle of the establishment. Feel free to sit back down for a coffee and enjoy the unreal beauty surrounding you at the Artist's House.


Klong Lat Mayom Floating Market

There is no way on earth we will ever get tired of seeking out floating markets, and hence here is another one- the Klong Lat Mayom floating market. Located about 10 km east of downtown Bangkok, this marketplace specialises in fresh fruit and vegetables and also sells plenty of handicrafts, clothes, and artworks for those who are interested. If buying anything does not even remotely interest you, a ride-along these markets are highly recommended for anyone who would like to experience the most primal practices of this civilisation!


Royal Barges Museum

The Royal Barges Museum is famous for displaying 8 of Thailand's most unique and stunning vessels- the Royal Barges. These colossal vessels are reserved to bust out during auspicious ceremonies and state occasions such as the very rare Royal Barge procession. The design of these vessels is simply mind-blowing seeing as how they have meticulous carvings that all relate an elaborate tale of the country's proud culture!