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#RealShaadis: A Cambodian-Chinese French Groom & His Tamil Bride And Their Simple Joyful Wedding!

When we talk about globalization, it’s not just about the world coming closer, it’s also about the way in which we meet people from different cultures through a common connection. For some this opportunity comes along while they’re studying abroad and for many others, it happens at the work.  
This is the story of Anjana and Henri. A Cambodian-Chinese French man who fell in love immensely with an Indian Tamil woman in United Kingdom. Anjana was working at Jaguar LandRover and Henri was consulting with a French company. Their attraction towards each other was almost natural, the first time they met. This beautiful journey of discovering each other finally culminated into marriage in 2017.
Ace wedding planner, Poonam Mayank Sharma helped this couple get married in style with all the essence of a typical Tamil wedding at Taj Vivanta, Bangalore.
Anjana wanted a small wedding with just the right people and Henri wanted the wedding to be colourful, vibrant and traditional just like how an Indian wedding generally is.
A simple yet quirky wedding was planned for the couple, keeping these aspects in mind.
Let’s meet the couple. Anjana & Henri.

18 Exceptionally Beautiful Gurudwara Wedding Pictures That Deserve Your Attention Today

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#RealShaadis: Neha & Kunal’s Beautiful Iskcon Temple Wedding!

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#Realshaadis: The Bride’s Beauty & The Groom’s Charm Is EVERYTHING! - ShaadiWish

“We were introduced to each other at an official training program in Goa a few years ago. At that time, it was all about team building exercises, so we managed to grasp a few moments when we could. The trip ended, I headed back to Mumbai and she came to Delhi. Things actually changed when she flew down to Mumbai after a few months. We had been in constant touch through calls and messages, but we hadn’t met after Goa. Since It was my hometown, I picked out a nice place to go for a quiet sit down dinner but even that didn’t go according to plan. When we reached the place, there was a musical gig happening there instead. That too a genre I wasn’t sure she’d like. Electronic House!   Well, it turned out that she enjoyed that music too and we landed up having an amazing time. In the midst of all of this I realized I felt so comfortable around her, it had to mean something. That was the real beginning. Going with the vibes, we dated for six years while continuing to live in different cities. But ever since that night at the gig, being with her feels like I’m home.” Karan smiles while he narrates Riddhima’s & his story. So the celebrations began! After a beautiful engagement ceremony, they had a year long to plan the wedding. After a lot of back and forth, both of them were clear that they wanted a wedding that wasn’t over the top. They wanted to celebrate it with close family and friends. The baraat came down to Delhi while the guests came from all over the world. The wedding kicked off with a carnival that happened at a friend’s farm house, it was a night full of games and fully loaded with music from different eras. The Mehendi function happened at Riddhima’s home. The decorations were done by a local vendor along with the involvement of over enthusiastic friends and family. The bar was flowing and the music was loud, and it was surely a night full of surprises.

#Realshaadis: Sakshi & Nishant's Paint-The-Wall Date Was Full Of Surprises! - ShaadiWish

Sakshi & Nishant are a couple who like to be adventurous together, their version of romance involves mixing their cheerful personalities with exciting activities, laughing and giggling all the way. They found love that way too! So when it came to doing a pre-wedding shoot, a picturesque Greece street or a beautiful hotel wasn’t going to cut it for them. They really wanted to create something memorable not just in pictures but even make the whole experience fun. They were clear about a few things. No travelling, no posing and instead doing something extraordinary and personal that actually defines them. That’s when this crazy idea was born. Painting a wall in bright colors while getting messy together, surely something offbeat. There were two other themes too! The Pillow fights and a college date type cafe. The riot of colors that happened at their own terrace is in our favorite! So here’s presenting Sakshi and Nishant’s mad moments from their Paint-A-Wall pre-wedding shoot!

#Realshaadis: They Met At A Wedding & Few Years Later Got Married Too! - ShaadiWish

“The story goes back 7 years and will feel like a cliche Bollywood act, but then again. I am good with dates, so this is going to be accurate! 28th December 2009, I was attending my cousin brother’s wedding, I spotted this girl in an orange salwar suit with huge sunglasses! Now, when you find somebody pretty at a wedding, you’ve got to take your chance. So with all the courage I had in me, I went up to my mother to ask who she was. Let’s face it, moms know everything! I figured that she was the bride’s cousin and we weren’t related in anyway and thus there was a ray of hope. I went forth and spoke to her and that’s how it all started! Well, I ended up doing nothing else in that wedding but hit on Amisha. The most surprising part of all of this was, it looked like she was interested! I took her for a drive, her cousins insisted on accompanying us. I asked for her number. and got her brother’s instead! A lot of antics followed, all in vain. The wedding got over, she left without a goodbye. I finally did get her number soon after, I wasn’t going to let her go! The texting began soon after, I met her in Delhi after four months on 2nd May 2010, and that’s when I asked her out and we started officially dating. What followed was a lot of long distance and lot of plans to travel and meet.  I lived in Jaipur at that time, and was busy with the opening of my store, Alter Ego while she was in Delhi finishing her graduation. Like every new couple, (maybe we over exceeded) we were on our cellphones the entire day. There was just so much to know! After her graduation, she shifted to Bombay and so did I. At that time, I was shuttling between college and Jaipur while she was preparing for her CAT exam. In short, it was a good time. From buying tickets in black at Gaiety, to treating Palladium like Central Park, from waking up to the Beatles to listening to EDM by night. From making the most random trips to every beach around Bombay  to taking rounds of the sea link. Bombay was very generous to us and to our new found love. Then, she went away to NIFT, Bangalore and I thought long distance would be difficult, but it wasn’t. We made it work. I guess we had fallen for each other so hard that there was no way out. I came back to Jaipur for work, and she shifted to Bombay. That was just plain hard luck. We were once again in a long distance. And if there is anything I knew, for sure, it was that I needed her and we had to get over this long distance! 2nd may 2015 – I decided to end it, I took her to our favourite place in Goa and asked her to marry me. 10th December 2016 – officially not in a long distance anymore! I am still dating my wife, and I guess, I always will be.” That was Rohan telling us how he found his best friend and wife, Amisha. What started at a wedding, recently resulted in a wedding too! Their beautiful wedding ceremony took place in Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur on the 10th of December 2016. It was a fun event celebrated along with friends and family. The pictures are surely making us see how joyous and sublime the wedding was and the grandeur of the havelis in the background add to the charm of this festivity. Amisha wore a banarasi lehenga that was designed by Vijayeeta Shah, Rohan’s sister and even Rohan’s outfits were designed by her. Amisha’s jewellery was traditional heirloom, it holds a special place in her heart and these jewels have been worn by brides from different generations in both Rohan and her family. The Mathapatti and nath are both by designer Astha Jagwani. Her makeup was done by Arneeb Malik from Jaipur.

#Realshaadis: Tania And Vaibhav's Royal Wedding In Bhopal Was Unforgettable! - ShaadiWish

Sometimes, time knows no boundaries when you meet the right person. Sometimes the distance cannot keep you apart either. That’s the story of Tania and Vaibhav. They got to know each other in the first year of college and that’s just the beginning. After moving from countries to countries for their further studies, they finally found their way back to each other while Tania was in Sweden, and Vaibhav in Denmark. Of, course they weren’t going to let boundaries keep them away from one another. They decided on getting married!   What followed was a beautiful wedding in Bhopal, where traditional rituals were intermixed with tonnes of fun and lots of amazing photographs by Lakshya Manwani. The couple wished for a destination wedding with a hint of nature and royalty. The team of Tanya Singh and Vaibhav Diwan carefully picked the vendors who were going to make their dream wedding come to reality. Their biggest agenda, to have day events without packing too much in one day, but rather making it more relaxed and interactive. The Rajwada themed Baraat, The Rajasi themed wedding and everything else that followed has a subtle yet vibrant feel to it. The wedding that happened in January 2016 took place at Noor-Us-Sabah Palace in Bhopal amongst family and friends. Here are some photographs from the various functions that concluded in the dhamakedar shaadi.

This Real Bride’s Moves To “Cheap Thrills” Is Breaking The Internet! - ShaadiWish

Brides are supposed to be coy, elegant and graceful. But some brides are happier being excited, loud and not so shy. They want to have fun at their own wedding and express their joy in the way they know best. Amisha Bhardwaj is that #bridechilla who is giving us major #bridegoals. Her “getting ready” video has made her an instant celebrity. Seen grooving to Sia’s Cheap Thrills, Amisha is surely breaking some major stereotypes and hitting the right spot. Amisha and Pranav’s wedding took place on the 7th of April in Hua Hin, Thailand. The groom happened to be running a tad bit late, so the bride decided to have fun! Along with Pawandeep, the Coolbluez videographer, Amisha made her own version of the lip dub. Dressed in a Sabyasachi blouse and white shorts, dancing and singing in total sync, Amisha along with her bridesmaids prance around a bridge at this gorgeous location by the beach. We agree with the videographer that “Normal is boring” and we’d love to have a wedding video like this one and hope that 3 million people watch it too! Watch the video for more. Videographer: Coolbluez Photography Makeup Artist: Simran Takkar Bride’s Outfit: Sabyasachi Location: Hua Hin, Thailand You can also check out their save the date video!

#RealShaadis: Garima & Junaid’s “No Nikaah, No Pheres” Wedding Is Extraordinary! - ShaadiWish

Very rightly stated by someone, love has the power to overcome anything when two people decide to stand against the odds. This is the story of Garima and Junaid, two lovers who decided to look above the stigma of intercultural marriage. They studied together at Symbiosis Institute, Pune but their love story took a wonderful shape in Dubai while they were doing their Masters.
Although at first, they were super anxious of their relationship as said by Junaid – “We knew since the time we started dating, that our relationship came with a full stop.” The love withstood all these thoughts and defied the conservative norms.
So after fighting all the obstacles and prayers for two years, they found their happy ending. Rather than having a Nikaah or Pheres, they decided to have a celebration of two cultures to avoid any conflicts and just enjoy this special event with family and close friends.

#RealShaadis: This Couple Took Their Vows On Mt. Everest And We’re In Awe!

The couple got married in a traditional ceremony at 17,000 feet above sea level. For updates on Mount Everest wedding, visit