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Updated by Wordpress India on Mar 03, 2022
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Wordpress website development company india

WordPress India is an expertise-driven WordPress agency trusted by a diverse group of global clients. Being a trends-focused WordPress website development company, we offer solutions that enable businesses to make a profitable online presence. Our services include PSD to WordPress conversion to WordPress customization and everything in between.

WordPress Website Themes Under Attack - Exploitation of Thrive Themes

Exploits attack the patches of Thrive Themes suite for the WordPress website. Recently, threat analysts found the vulnerable exploitation of theme plugins that could compromise WordPress functionalities of more than 100,000 enterprises. Experts suggested updating to the latest version of Thrive Themes to stay protected.

WordPress Announced to Automatically Block Google FloC on Websites

Google’s FloC is an alternate option to third-party cookies. It is a tracking technology that allows the browser to anonymously study how users are browsing and then categorize them in cohorts. However, this raises concerns related to the web security and privacy of users. If you’re a company delivering WordPress development services or a WordPress user investing in a WordPress web development company, then this blog post is meant for you. Let’s find out why WordPress is planning to disable Google’s FloC by default on websites.

7 Steps to Perform Before You Launch WordPress a Website

Here’s a checklist to perform before you launch WordPress a website, it helps you through the launching process. Read in details.

WordPress 5.4 Released with Stronger Privacy, Faster Editor, & Improved APIs

WordPress has recently released its latest version 5.4. This new version is dubbed “Adderley,” honouring the American jazz musician Nat Adderley. Privacy enhancements, seamless navigation, a faster editor, and better APIs are some of the most impressing features of this. Through installing version 5.4 means enabling your website a complete to revamp – from appearance to functionality to privacy.
Its new features are very important for WordPress customization and website development. We at WordPress India always stay updated with the most advanced features of WordPress and other web development tools.
In this post, we’ll thoroughly discuss all the improvements released by WordPress. We’ll also discuss how you can be benefitted most using these new features to improve the performance of your website/blog.

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WordPress 5.5 Preview – Auto Updates for Themes & Plugins

According to several journals, the latest Wordpress version 5.5 will introduce auto-updating features. The automatic update features will apply to the CMS platforms plugins and themes. This will have a great impact on WordPress website development in terms of website maintenance. These features are only available for WordPress CMS core users. Wordpress India's developers are super excited about this update and its significant impact in the life of Wordpress users. Follow our blog posts to stay updated with everything related to Wordpress.
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PSD to WordPress Conversion- Why Ideal Choice for Business Website Success -

To create a professional and advanced business website one needs a lot of efforts in coding. Developers need to meet the business requirements of creating an interactive, responsive, and friendly design. Thus, the most important step to build amazing and responsive websites with ease is PSD to WordPress conversion. Hire WordPress developer for a smooth and streamlined process.
Let's check out the common benefits offered by the conversion process.
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How to Optimize WordPress Website Security for Successful Business Operation? -

Whether you own a small or big business your Website security is of utmost importance. As per reports thousands of hacking attempts are made on WordPress websites every minute. Many website owners consider that their website is too small to get attacked by hackers. But the harsh reality is hackers prefer targeting small websites as they are not properly secured. So here the important point is every website should follow strict security measures. Business owners actually should hire WordPress developers to optimize the website security. There are so many security measures that you can implement for protecting your website. But It is quite difficult to try out every security measure. Thus we have made detailed post and a checklist of the security practices to protect your website.
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WordPress Malware Attacks: Common Vulnerabilities & Tips to Manage Them

Across the web, a great number of websites are built on WordPress. WordPress always remains a popular choice for building personal blogs to organizational portals to eCommerce websites. Most of the commercial websites built on WordPress are owned by small and medium businesses. Due to the lack of proper security measures they are the most frequent target business websites for attackers. Eventually, small and medium businesses often fail to protect their sites. Seeking advice from a reliable WordPress development company can significantly reduce the risks of an attack. Let's check a detailed post on aiming to effectively prevent and manage ransomware attacks on WordPress sites.
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7 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins to Keep Your Listeners Engaged

Over the past couple of years the number of podcast listeners growing consistently. Business Organizations and individuals alike are launching their podcasts. Seeing the rising popularity of music streaming it can be easily said that podcasts are the future of online listening. Nowadays, COVID-19 lockdown has also prompted the growth of the number of people listening to podcasts. The global community of WordPress developers has responded to the rising demands for podcast development. The community has launched several different WordPress podcast plugins. Let's take a dive into the best WordPress podcasts plugins with their key features.
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Major WordPress Security Risks and Tips to Avert Them

WordPress security risks have always remained a major concern among cybersecurity experts and web developers alike. Due to the lack of robust security measures Wordpress websites are easily prone to hacking attacks. Some businesses avert security threats by choosing WordPress support service and professional advice. However, if proper checks are maintained then even basic security measures greatly reduce the likelihood of attacks. Let's discuss a detailed post on the ways hackers use to breach a website’s security and how to stop them. By the end of this, you would be able to fully understand the security threats facing your WordPress website. You would also have a list of security measures to deal with the risks.
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Top 5 Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress Website Development in 2020

To track website visitors and to get complete information to make better business decisions then Using Google Analytics is a perfect way. We’ll discuss the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress websites in this post which will help you to make the best selection for your needs. To help you in a better way, we’ve summarized the best Google Analytics plugins that WordPress Development Company should focus on for better results. It is free at avail tool and is useful to track the number of visitors that visit your website. Also you can get important information like visitors' demographics, traffic sources, real-time stats, you can also find pages and posts having maximum visits. So if you’re ready to use Google Analytics here’s the list of best plugins to integrate for WordPress Website Development in 2020.
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Top 10 WordPress Themes Recommended By Experts For Building Attractive Websites

As we all know WordPress is the best content management system and it is widely popular mainly due to simplicity and user-friendliness. The themes available for WordPress can be installed in one click and are used to build high-quality websites. There are hundreds of themes available to choose from, beginners may feel a little trouble in selecting the required one. Choosing one of these would improve the appearance and performance of your website. We have put together a list of 10 attractive themes for WordPress website development to make this easier for you. But before the themes, let’s have a look at some of the most desired features of a good theme.
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Top Benefits of PSD To WordPress Conversion For a Business Website

WordPress is the pioneer in introducing the power of blogging and the web to the internet world. Also it remains one of the most popular and useful platforms on the web. As competition in the digital spaces grows unprecedently, businesses need a reliable platform to build their web presence. A growing number of businesses are either developing or migrating their websites to WordPress. With the availability of services like PSD to WordPress conversion, you can easily build a feature-rich website.A design-rich web solution not just significantly enhances your online presence but also brings substantial ROI. WordPress, the most recommended CMS platform, is suitable for all kinds of businesses to boost their web presence cost-effectively. Let's discuss the most striking advantages of converting like PSD to WordPress in this post.
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Best WordPress Plugins that You Can’t Ignore in 2020 :: WordpressIndia

Looking for the best WordPress plugins 2020 for your WordPress website? Here’s the ultimate list of the best WordPress plugins that you can’t ignore in 2020. If you’re looking for WordPress plugin customization, you may hire a WordPress development company for its WordPress support services such as WordPress plugin customization, and more.
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10 Effective Tips to Engage the Visitors on Your WordPress Site

For a website to become successful it is very important to have continuous visitors. You can hire WordPress developers to get timely assistance for the same at an effective pricing. They will make improvements and keep your website running for the results to reflect.
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What are the steps involved in WordPress Website Security Management?

WordPress website security plays a vital role to ensure visitors always remain engaged with the performance. WordPress security process includes Testing, Hardening, Monitoring and improving which is important whenever any modification is done on your website. You can hire WordPress Developers to make any possible security updates for the website safety from intruders. Hackers always look for the vulnerabilities present in the website.
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Top 9 WordPress Development Trends that You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Need to enhance your WordPress site? Looking for effective ways for WordPress customization? Here is a list of top 9 WordPress development trends 2020 that will help you outperform your competitors. If you need professional WordPress customization, it is wise to get in touch with a professional WordPress development company and take advantage of their reliable WordPress development services to stand out from the crowd.
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WordPress is a popular platform known for its remarkable website development features. Being a popular platform it is targeted by hackers on regular basis, but no need to worry you can hire WordPress developers to get rid of such situations. They are professionals that can tackle online attacks by inserting several security patches including SSL certification, 2FA and many more.
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Top 18 WordPress Plugins You Must Have On Your News Website

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for your news website? Here’s an ultimate list of some of the best WordPress news plugins that will enhance your news website significantly. If you need custom WordPress plugin development, you should hire WordPress developers and leverage their WordPress plugin development services or other WordPress support services. Get in touch with a professional WordPress website development company for dedicated WordPress support services today!
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8 Best Security Practices to Protect Your WordPress Site from Hackers :: WordpressIndia

Web security is a crucial part of WordPress website development and maintenance. If you’re running a WordPress website, don’t miss out on these essential tips on how to proactively protect your WordPress site from hackers. For more enhanced web security, it is always best to hire WordPress experts from a reputed WordPress website development company.
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The Ultimate WordPress SEO Checklist to Grow Your Organic Traffic

Looking for effective ways to optimize your WordPress site? Here’s an ultimate list of WordPress SEO checklist that will help you improve your website’s search engine ranking. If you aspire to secure the top position of your WordPress site in Google’s SERPs, make sure you hire WordPress experts from a reputed** WordPress website development** company as they will help you develop an actionable SEO strategy tailored to your business requirements.
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Why WordPress Ecommerce Development is an Ideal Option for Merchants? - Wordpress Development Company : powered by Do...

Are you planning to build a powerful eCommerce store and thinking which platform will match your eCommerce website requirements? Then we recommend you go with WordPress eCommerce development. Here are five major reasons why you should choose WordPress eCommerce development for building a unique storefront. Hire WordPress experts now from a reputed WordPress development company to get started with your eCommerce business within the shortest timeframe.
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No matter how expert you are at WordPress development, you may still experience certain WordPress CMS pain points during WordPress website development. Here are some of the biggest WordPress CMS pain points that you’re likely to experience as a user and ways to resolve them. Hire WordPress developers from WordPress India, a reputed WordPress development company that is renowned in WordPress support services including HTML to WordPress conversion, WordPress theme customization, WordPress plugin development, and more.
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How Blockchain Can Revolutionize WordPress Plugin Development?

WordPress and Blockchain are renowned technologies serving people in their respective fields. Most people consider Blockchain only for cryptocurrency. But several business enterprises are merging these two technologies to serve customers better. Some benefits that WordPress Development Company is enjoying are cost efficiency, speedy transactions, global audience recognition, and the business digital transformation.
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