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The immune system strengthening nutrients to fight the corona virus - Etechjuice

The outbreak of the new Novel Corona virus is spreading worldwide and you may be wondering how to keep yourself healthy in this situation. Is there anything magical that can save you from it

Be Careful, After Touching These Common Things You must wash Your Hand - Etechjuice

The most pressing aspect of social distance is the need to wash hands to prevent the disease from the new Novel Corona virus.

Will an old vaccine prevent the corona virus? - Etechjuice

In Australia this week, research began to use vaccines used in various countries for tuberculosis (TB) against the new Novel Corona virus disease cod 19.

How much did the lives of Pakistanis change during the Corona virus outbreak? - Etechjuice

The new Novel Corona virus has changed the world in a few months. How long the effects of the virus last, it is difficult to say right now, but it seems that things will change a lot later in life, such as cleaning habits, moving outdoors, and others.

Why is the number of Corona cases increasing so fast in the United States? - Etechjuice

The number of people suffering from the new Novel Corona virus disease in the United States is more than 2 million, with the death toll approaching 4,000.

Pakistani Telecom companies are providing free internet and phone calls while lockdown - Etechjuice

As a result of the new Novel Corona virus disease Code 19, millions of people have been confined to homes in Pakistan from lockdown.

Do you have the flu, flu or corona virus? Very easy to identify - Etechjuice

If you have runny nose or itching in your eyes, it does not mean that you have the new Novel Corona Virus Disease Cod 19

Tricks to speed up internet while you are in homes - Etechjuice

As a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus, billions of people around the world have been confined to homes and on this occasion it has become very important to ensure a fast and reliable Internet for work or other purposes

What should you do if the corona virus is suspected? - Etechjuice

The new outbreak of the new pandemic Corona virus has spread to 190 countries and has affected more than 4 million people and killed more than 19,000 so far

What are the major technology companies taking action against the Corona virus? - Etechjuice

The Corona virus epidemic is spreading worldwide, but measures are also being taken by countries and people to protect it

Corona virus how much danger and how much chance to recover?

The number of people with coronavirus disease, including Pakistan 19, is increasing worldwide, including Pakistan, but the good news is that the prevalence is not exacerbated in most patients.

How to protect a mobile phone from corona virus? - Etechjuice

A mobile phone may also be responsible for the spread of the Corona virus, which requires some precautionary measures to protect the cell phone from this deadly virus

How did China overcome the Corona virus outbreak in such a short time?

The new Novel Corona virus epidemic has begun to wane in China but is spreading rapidly to other countries around the world. On March 18, there was no local case of Cod 19, a disease caused by the Corona virus in China, but no such case was reported on March 19, however, people coming from abroad were diagnosed with the disease

Diagnosis of Corona in 10 newborns in European country Romania - Etechjuice

Authorities have issued orders to test all maternity home staff after a coronary virus was diagnosed in 10 newborns in a single European country in Romania.

The British PM is in good health in ICU, spokesman says - Etechjuice

A spokeswoman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the Prime Minister admitted to the ICU due to the Corona virus is in good health, while he is not on a ventilator, but he is being given oxygen.

US president threatens to withhold World Health Organization funding - Etechjuice

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump in a press conference yesterday criticized the World Health Organization (WHO) for saying he would “consider” stopping the funding of the organization in the future. Earlier in February this year, he had expressed his idea to reduce US funding to the World Health Organization.

Corona virus: The highest number of deaths in a single day in the United States - Etechjuice

Corona virus: The highest number of deaths in a single day was over 800 in the United States.

New drug experiment on prisoners rather than animals, Saudi actress - Etechjuice

Saudi Arabia's popular actress Muram Abdul Aziz has given a controversial proposal to governments to try new drugs on rats and monkeys rather than prison inmates.

Jennifer Lopez's fourth marriage delays due to corona virus - Etechjuice

While many major gatherings around the world are being delayed and canceled due to the Corona virus, the marriage of American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez alias Jay Lou has been delayed.

Trapped under conspiracy: Umar Akmal - Etechjuice

Why Meet Suspects? Can't tell for a personal reason, Umar Akmal kept responding to the investigating officers at the time of suspension, though he did not accept the match-fixing allegation

Leading you tuber Nadar Ali charged with tax evasion - Etechjuice

Islamabad: Nadir Ali is regarded as the successful social media star of Pakistan who has been the focus of his comedy videos, but now the tax authorities have sent him a tax notice claiming that Nadir Ali The obligation is a tax of Rs. 30 million.

Afghan Refugee Female Doctor discusses service in Pakistan - Etechjuice

There are currently more than 3 million Afghan refugees living in Pakistan, of which 1.5 million are registered with the government while the same number of refugees are unregistered.

Corona virus: The highest number of deaths in a single day in the United States - Etechjuice

Corona virus: The highest number of deaths in a single day was over 800 in the United States.

Corona Virus,Gulf states urged to unblock internet calls - Etechjuice

Human rights groups have called on the 3 Gulf states to lift the ban on free internet calls during the global pandemonium Corona virus so that the masses of migrants there can stay in touch.

Experimental drug testing against corona virus in several countries, including Russia - Etechjuice

Russia has decided to try favivira (favipiravir), a drug used for influenza, to treat the new Novel Corona virus disease, Cod-19.