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Updated by Joanna James on Apr 05, 2020
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Top 7 Maldives Travel Tips – Suggestions for the Savvy Traveller

For those who desire to visit the lovely Maldives, provided below are some useful travel tips which provide information about how you should prepare and conduct yourself on your Maldives holiday.


Consider the weather

The period extending from November to April may be considered to be peak season for holidays in the Maldives which is largely due to the weather conditions; at this time, the islands will be at their very best with continuous balmy sunshine. As you might expect, everything will be relatively expensive during this period. If you desire to cut costs, a good option would be to visit the islands during the shoulder season; in other words, between peak season and the off season.


Be wise about airplane rides

When selecting a flight to reach the Maldives you can take advantage of domestic or regional flights leaving from the Middle East or Asia which will be more affordable options. You can also save money by choosing to travel by speedboat from the airport island to the location where you will be staying. On the other hand, taking a ride by seaplane to and from your destination island is likely to be a wonderful experience but you must naturally pay more for this option.


Book flights and hotels online

A good way to prepare ahead would be to check online for flights long before your planned vacation; you will be able to find cheaper options by doing so as well. The same is applicable for resorts or hotels as many travel agencies and visitors often make their bookings long before their trip.


Pay heed to the local culture

Since the Maldives is a Muslim nation you must keep this in mind when you visit the islands. Alcohol and pork will not be available in the Maldives although you can enjoy a drink within the resorts themselves. When visiting inhabited islands you must take care to dress modestly and avoid revealing clothing.


Check out the water activities

When planning a trip to the Maldives it will make sense to check whether the coral reefs can be easily reached from the resort or whether special excursions are provided. Similarly check whether activities like jet skiing, sea kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, parasailing, wakeboarding and so on are provided by the resort. An accommodation choice to consider from which you can engage in a number of water activities would be Kuramathi Maldives which also features pleasingly located Maldives villas.


Choose suitable accommodation

When visiting the Maldives you will have the choice of staying at luxurious resorts or opt for cheaper accommodation on the inhabited islands. You should consider the bar, restaurants, pool, child-friendliness, the views available and the condition of the reef when selecting resorts. Other aspects to consider would be the excursions, ferry services and airport transfers available.


Pack carefully

When packing for a Maldives trip, do not take alcohol, pork, tobacco or religious books. Make sure to take an underwater or water-resistant camera to record all the memorable images. Make sure to bring light clothing, swimsuits for the resort, toiletries, sunscreen, personal care items and a medical kit. You can also take snorkelling, diving and surfing gear if you desire.