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Updated by digitalmarketing-grazitti on Jun 22, 2020
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Google: Advanced Search Excellence Workshop Recap

Google now has advanced machine learning technology that gets you more profit from your PPC dollars.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and the Effect They Have Had on Digital Marketing

Faster web pages, AMPs, are a great way to optimize your website for the search engines. Read this blog post to know the impact AMPs have had on Digital Marketing

Google Marketing Live 2019: Discovery Ads, Smart Bidding and Much More... | Grazitti Interactive

Google announced a ton of new innovations like Discovery ads, gallery ads for search, deep linked ads, smart bidding and much more. Read our blog to know more

Summing Up the Google Webmaster Conference 2019 | Grazitti Interactive

Google recently announced the hosting of free Google Webmaster conferences worldwide to help enhance the site’s performance in search. Read our blog to know more.

Top Digital Marketing Trends | Grazitti Interactive

The digital marketing landscape that comprises of SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing has been quite progressive, more so in the last two years, than the last decade. Everyone wants to up the ante for their digital marketing strategy in 2019. Here’s our quick take on the top 5 trends that we think would rule the digital marketing real in 2019. Read on!

6 Key SEO Factors in 2020 | Grazitti Interactive

In this blog post, we take a look at 6 key factors to help you build a highly effective SEO strategy in 2020.

Digital Marketing: From a Buzzword to Mainstream | Grazitti Interactive

According to Forbes, US Digital Marketing spend will be approximately $120 billion by 2021. For more such interesting facts, read our blog.

Best Mobile App Advertising Platforms in 2019 | Grazitti Interactive

Mobile app advertising have been becoming the most in demand advertising strategy to generate revenue for businesses. Being the cheapest and easiest, app marketing agencies have started leveraging best app marketing platforms that can take your android and iOS app advertising to a next level.

5 Tips for Improving the SEO of Joomla Web Pages | Grazitti Interactive

Here are the top 5 tips that can help you improve the SEO of Joomla web pages.

5 Best Tag Management Solutions for Your Website | Grazitti Interactive

A tag management system helps marketers and analysts easily manage and update tags on a website, without depending on IT. In this blog post, we’ve listed the top 5 tag management systems that you must consider to give a head start to your TMS journey.

What Makes Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) the Preferred CMS Tool for Enterprise Users

A close look at the factors that make Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) the preferred CMS tool amongst majority enterprise users.

How to Leverage Data Layer with Google Analytics | Grazitti Interactive

A data layer is an object that carries all the information that you want to pass from a website to other applications. Data layer ensures flexibility.

All You Need to Know About Google Optimize and Optimize 360 | Grazitti Interactive

In this post, you will be able to understand the key differences between Google Optimize and Optimize 360 and determine which is better for you.

Transforming Content Marketing With Artificial Intelligence | Grazitti Interactive

In this blog post, we look at the impact of artificial intelligence on content marketing, as well as how you can use AI to deliver highly-engaging content.