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Updated by Tamara Ballard on Apr 10, 2020
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Digital Citizenship: social media affect our relationships

Hello 7th graders,

Here is a list of web resources to support how social media affect our relationships.

Social Media - BrainPOP

Social media is your doorway to the Internet—and the Internet's doorway to you. Learn how to care about what you share with your friends and others on the internet.

Teen Voices: Friendships and Social Media

An informative video from teens to teens about the topics of friendship and social media. ...

How the Internet Is Changing Friendship

No matter where in the world your friends are, they’re always a text, email, or Facebook message away from reconnecting. But does that mean that we’re keeping friendships alive past their natural expiration date, or are virtual connections actually making friendships stronger?

The Effects of Social Media on Relationships | Mayurakshi Ghosal | TEDxYouth@DAA

Mayurakshi Ghosal, a sophomore at DAA, explains to her fellow high school students the significance of building deep and meaningful relationships, characterized by a sense of trust, understanding and connection. She helps her audience recognize a fake relationship, that is often built due to the over dependence on social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, and lists simple and easy-to-follow steps to turn those fake relationships into meaningful ones.

How Social Media Affects Relationships Positively and Negatively

The age of technology is not without its perks and conveniences. But increasingly, the less-talked-about negative impact of technology is finally gaining some limelight. Take the average American family of five. Both parents and children are likely to have multiple social media accounts. The internet and social media keep all family members engaged.

1. Teens and their experiences on social media | Pew Research Center

Social media has given teens the ability to instantly connect with others and share their lives through photos, videos and status updates.

The Digital BFF: How Social Media Is Changing Friendships - eMindful

It’s hard to know if social media is ruining our face-to-face friendships. But we do know that loneliness has become an epidemic in the digital age.

The Effect of Social Media on Teenagers | Newport Academy

Social media has both pros and cons, and when it comes to the effect of social media on teenagers, those pros and cons are particularly significant.