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Tips for Parents, Teachers and Students of Schooling Age Group

I hope this list will be helpful for many parents, teachers and students. This is especially created for students enrolled in online school or are doing homeschooling. But the given tips can be of great help for any student. Hope this proves to be a treasure for many people who are related to the education sector in any way!

How is Coronavirus Affecting Students Around The World -

Coronavirus is affecting a large number of students ever since it's an outbreak. Schools and colleges are now finding alternative ways to educate children

Online STEM learning at par with classroom learning -

STEM learning is based on inquiry-based pedagogy and active learning. Online STEM learning refers to an interdisciplinary approach for the teaching of 4 disciplines in a virtual environment:

Abbreviation STEM means: S – Science, T- Technology, E- Engineering, M- Mathematics

Online Schooling: Break the Mental Block

Anxiety among students is very common these days. Several teenagers face mental problems because of peer pressure, social pressure, desire for self-dependence, and much more. Conventional school practices contribute towards numerous mental health issues in a student's life, whereas online schooling is one solution that helps in combating these mental health issues.

9 Scenarios Exhibiting the Role of Teachers Teaching Online -

Online school platforms are mainly self-paced, but students require guidance from time to time. That's where the role of a teacher comes into play. The intervention of a teacher is of high significance in any kind of education. Let's explore 9 scenarios where such an intervention is helpful.

Accredited Online High School Diploma for Adults

According to the National Centre of Educational Statistics ‘US Department of Education’, there 2.1 million students are school dropouts. There are a lot of reasons why there is a demand for an online high school diploma among adults and school dropouts.

Standout features of the best online high school: - OpenLearning

Online schools are unimaginably convenient for the learners and clear a path for superior college planning with its organized and fully loaded features. Read more standout feature of the best online high schools.

Exploring the Wider Perspective of Girl Education in the Pandemic Era

At this crucial time when the world had to combat the greatest challenge of all times, once again the female power outshined its male counterparts and proved its strength to the world.

In a world where girl education is still a burning issue, our courageous women chose to LEAD FROM THE FRONT.

Even the political arena witnessed a stupendous support system created by women. As some great female leaders took exceptional actions to save the people of economic hardships in their nation. Such demonstration of outstanding decision-making skills was able to subdue the consequences of the pandemic to a great extent.

Back To School Without Safety Means Being Back To Threats. Here's Why?

Reopening the schools closed during the pandemic is not an easy task by any means. Amongst the safety precautions of COVID-19 and the school reopening plans, the big questions remain, ‘IS SCHOOL REOPENING SAFE AT THIS POINT IN TIME??’ and 'WHY SCHOOL SAFETY IS IMPORTANT?'. We all are well aware of the fact that no amount of 'back to school' safety tips can help us properly safeguard against this unpredictable virus.
So today, let’s analyze the various dimensions of the school reopening and see why it is not safe for students to join physical schools at this time

My journey from deschooling to online schooling | Education

"Initially, this transition from a traditional school to deschooling gave me a respite from school's violence. And I must admit that further transition was relatively smooth for me."

Read this article to know more about author's journey

7 ways on how to engage a hyperactive kid while Homeschooling

While the strategies mentioned above can always help you plan your child’s education at home, this is not the only option.
This digital age has offered us better opportunities and credible alternatives to homeschool a child through online schooling platforms. If you wish to ease your child’s educational journey, choose an accredited online school that can make home-based education easier and seamless for you.
These platforms create a structured Homeschooling pattern through 100% virtual mediums. Collaborative internet tools, visual content, learning methodologies all contribute to engaging a hyperactive kid while being at home.

The Effect of Learning Style Types on a Students Academics

Learning style types greatly influence one’s overall learning. Hence, these should be the key aspect before planning an instructional delivery.

In today’s world of education, we are fortunate to have some great options through digital schooling to not only identify but support all kinds of learners. Hopefully, in the coming years, more of us will embrace this positive change in the educational landscape.

10 Rhymes that are funny and learnable for your kindergarten kid -

Even after spending years in adulthood, we can still recall certain rhymes and jingles that we had enjoyed as kids. Yes! This is the magical impact of tunes, music, and rhymes in early childhood.

Apart from the fun element, these rhymes also have great educational benefits for kids. Rhyming helps in building initial language patterns, it is also great for the development of a child’s cognition.

Children enjoy rhymes that are funny and also gain a lot from them. Let’s take a quick look at 10 such funny and learnable rhymes for the kindergarten age group.

How to teach children about feelings and emotions?

Preschoolers are very young and cannot understand feelings and emotions. They need the help and guidance of parents and teachers to help them understand even their own feelings and emotions. Preschoolers also need guidance to communicate their feelings effectively. Read this article to get insight into it

Skills you need to start online teaching from home

Online teaching from home is a great career option in the rapidly growing digital landscape. It is a perfect utilization of your skills as an educator. It allows you to enjoy a great work-life balance!

Fortunately, there are numerous opportunities for educators to join online platforms after the pandemic. If you also wish to be an online educator, then this piece of information will help you to attain the skills required to succeed in this profession.

Body Language Tips For Teachers – Communicating Without Words

Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. This job involves so many skills – you need to be informative, you must be inspiring, you must encourage and lead your students and above, all you must be an excellent public speaker!

Once you have all of these skills inside your tool belt, we come by and throw a new one on you -> The skill of ‘Nonverbal Communication’. Often misunderstood and underutilized, yet an exceptionally potent skill.

Website at

We all strive to be happy in life. But the state of happiness is not permanent at all times. The greatest challenge is to sustain the state of happiness with all ups and downs of life. An online high school benefits the learners in a way that they are able to cope up with their studies without burdening themselves.

How to Implement an Adaptive Learning System in your Classroom

An adaptive learning system is a technological boon that personalizes the student’s academic journey as per his/her most suitable style. Today, these new Ed-tech trends are assisting in improving the educational processes across all stages of formal education. And within this new face of education, students are now the central point of educational planning.

Owing to this paradigm shift, each stakeholder needs to know how to implement these digital solutions in a classroom.

Read Further To Understand More About The Process Of Creating A Customized E-Learning Environment For Your Learners-

How to be the Best Working Homeschool Mom?

Despite their crazy schedules and nightmarish set of responsibilities, working moms do take charge of their child’s education at home.


However, the idea of homeschooling can be made easy and relaxing for both the homegrown learners and the facilitator.

Here’s my list of these best tips and tricks to make this endeavor easy for you:

These People Made it Big! And yes, They Were Homeschooled

You may have heard these common international homeschooling myths – Homeschoolers do not find success. They do not learn enough or lag behind in social skills.

It’s time that we put all these to rest and meet some homeschoolers who have made it big, even bigger than you can imagine. They have reached a peak in their careers and their names have travelled far and wide.

Here Are Some International Homeschooling Success Stories That You Can’t Afford To Miss:

5 Tips to Increase the Attention Span of Humans Involved in a Digitized Lifestyle

The attention span of a human has decreased due to a digital lifestyle. Know how to deal with this issue through this article.

Professional Development in Teaching for 21st-Century Schools

Technological up skilling helps with professional development in teaching. Read this interesting blog to know more about it.
Teaching and learning processes are incomplete without assessments. Hence, professional development in teaching programs train teachers to use the latest technological aids and automated tools to assess and monitor a student’s learning progress. These automated monitoring mechanisms pinpoint even the most minute learning gaps.

We acknowledge that the children suffering from autism need special schooling, then why is it that 71% of them still study in traditional schools? According to the National Autistic Society, the curriculum taught in traditional schools doesn’t cater to the needs of those suffering from these developmental disorders. Reports from major schooling platforms suggest that a customized curriculum and multiple engaging activities could possibly help in meeting the needs of a child with autism, and in coping up with other students on the mental plane.

Comprehension Reading Strategies for Elementary Homeschoolers

Homeschooling parents acknowledge the importance of these fundamental literacy skills and their long-term advantages for the kids. But several parents/guardians struggle with the strategies to strengthen these extremely important abilities in their loved ones.

If you are also a homeschooling parent or have shifted to homeschooling due to the pandemic, this information will help you to ‘NAIL IT’ easily.

So, let’s pin down some comprehension strategies for reading for elementary stage homeschoolers

7 Reasons why Soft Skills are the Need of the Hour

Soft Skills are the essential qualities or personality traits that depict an individual’s strength. They directly impact one’s attitude, interpersonal relationships and the ability to perform various roles in professional life.

Let’s understand more about these today and figure out why are soft skills important in an individual’s personal and professional life?

10 Meaningful Questions You Need To Ask Your Child's Teacher

A Parent-Teacher Conference is an excellent opportunity for parents to get to know about their child and their performance in school, and also for the teacher to get to know the child’s background and problems they face back home.

But the worst a parent can do in this meeting is talk about their child’s grades. Our suggestion is, don’t just ask about your child’s grades because report cards can tell you that and pretty well.

So here are ten questions you can ask your child’s teacher in the next Parent-Teacher Meeting: