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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 30, 2020
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05 Things To Avoid When In Maldives – Paradise And Much More

The Maldives is exactly as you would envision, clear seas, powder soft sun bleached beaches and plenty of water sports. A Muslim nation the Maldives is high on tradition and ancient customs, which responsible tourist must respect. Here some things to avoid doing when in Maldives.


Be Modest When Outside Of Your Maldives Resort

The Maldives is an Islamic nation and you must respect the conservative customs there. If working on your tan is amongst your favourite things to do in Maldives its fine to wear your favourite bikini on the beach of your Maldives resort. And indeed, many like Reethi Faru Resort, have absolutely gorgeous surroundings to chill and catch a few rays. But when outside, on the local islands, make sure to keep your tee-shirt on. A pair of shorts and skinny should be fine, to respect the customs and not offend anyone around. And absolutely no nudity!


Do Not Try To Take In Alcohol

Adhering to a strict code of conduct according to Islamic laws, alcohol is not permitted to be brought into the country. Do not attempt to do so, as there are laws against such acts. You cannot consume alcohol in public places or expect to be served at restaurants on local islands. You can of course enjoy those sunset cocktails, and champagne cruises or evening drinks at your Maldives resort. There are no restrictions there. Just make sure to not take the party outside of your private resort, no drunken behaviour is tolerated on the local islands.


Avoid Packing Those Fancy Shoes

The Maldives made up of over 1000 islands is mostly beach; and the fine sand is a treat to tread on when barefoot. You will discover that shoes are a hindrance on the islands, they will fill up with sand while heels are rather hard to manouver when they keep sinking in. Flip flops and sandals are best. They are ideal for that casual vibe and keeping your feet cool. You could decide to take water shoes for times you go exploring the reefs. Mind you do not tread on the fragile coral and destroy the delicate eco system.


Do Not Go Snorkelling Without Sunscreen

Pack loads of sunscreen! Make sure you have enough for everyone, and take along your favourite brand as it may not be available in the Maldives or may cost too much. As a tropical country that's over 90% water, the best attractions in the Maldives are water based. And the sun is very strong. Snorkelling for example, is one of the most popular and you can spend endless hours floating on the ocean engrossed in the world beneath the waves. This is why you must slap on as much sunscreen as needed before heading out for any activity in the Maldives; for no one wants to spend the rest of their holiday in paradise nursing a sun burn.


Avoid Public Displays Of Affection

Again, as an Islamic nation, Maldivians do not like overly affectionate displays in public. Kissing and close hugging between couples must be avoided. Try to not embarrass or offend the conservative locals. Reserve your affections for your private Maldives resort.

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