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Vitamins and Supplements

Can vitamin supplements really make you healthier? Some can be beneficial, but the key to vitamin and mineral success is eating a balanced diet.

Dong Quai Extract: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Known by some as "female ginseng," dong quai extract can help with issues relating to female reproductive health and even heart health.

Concussion: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment |

Concussions are serious brain injuries that are extremely common in contact sports, but can happen to anyone doing normal everyday tasks.

Catuaba Extract: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Catuaba extract is known for potentially helping men with erectile dysfunction, but it may also relieve fatigue, memory issues and stress.

Cat’s Claw Extract: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Multiple studies show that cat's claw extract supplements can boost the immune system and even has anti-inflammatory properties.

What is Turmeric & 6 Ways it May Help You |

Curcumin can help those dealing with inflammation, depression, skin health, blood clots, cholesterol and much more. Plus, it's not hard to find.

Methionine: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Methionine is a unique amino acid that can protect bodily tissue, maintain proper cell function and even modify your DNA.

What is Erythritol Powder and is it Safe? |

Say goodbye to table sugar? Erythritol has been making noise as a new, healthier sweetener that may aid in weight loss and prevent blood sugar issues.

What is Glycine & How Can It Help You? |

A deficiency of glycine is not one to be taken lightly. This is why taking a glycine supplement can be key to optimal body function.

Kava Kava Extract: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Cultures have been using kava kava extract for centruies. Not only can it help ease the feeling of anxiety, but it can even treat insomnia.

L-Histidine: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Having insufficient levels of L-histidine in the body can lead to a wide range of problems. Luckily, adding more of it to your diet isn't too difficult.

Creatinol-O-Phosphate: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

If you're looking to protect your gains and even accelerate your progress, supplementing with creatinol-O-phosphate would be worth a try.

Crepitus: Characteristics, Causes & Treatment |

Crepitus is a condition characterizd by joint popping, crackling or clicking. It is usually harmless, but it can result in pain on occasion.

Diindolylmethane (DIM): Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

If you eat a lot of greens, you likely take in a lot of diindolylmethane (DIM), which can do wonders for acne and even cancer treatment.

Coconut Powder: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Want to benefit from coconut without taking in a bunch of unhealthy processed ingredients? Coconut powder could be the sollution.

Chloasma: Characteristics, Causes & Treatment |

Chloasma is a temporary condition that can cause splotchy skin with large brown spots on one's face. Luckily, this condition is treatable.

Cayenne Pepper: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Cayenne peppers are much more than just a spicy addition to a yummy meal. They can promote weight loss even prevent heart attacks.

What is Beta-Alanine? What It's for & How It Works |

Beta-alanine can offer numerous benefits to anyone, but particularly athletes. Not only can it improve muscle mass, but it even fights muscle aging.

Easy Home Workouts, Nutrition & More: Staying Healthy Stuck at Home

Being stuck at home doesn't mean your health has to suffer. There are easy home workouts, healthy meals and mindfulness strategies to keep you fit.

Celery Seed Extract: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Celery seed extract has a multitude of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to fighting inflammation and treating infections.

L-Carnitine: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

L-carnitine is a chemical compound necessary for optimal health. Not only does it aid in weight loss, but it also promotes healthy heart and brain function.

Ectopic Pregnancy: Characteristics, Causes & Treatment |

An ectopic pregnancy is a serious medical condition that occurs when a fertilized egg implants anywhere within a woman’s body other than the uterus.

E. Coli Infection: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment |

E. coli infections are no joke. If infected, it can result in diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping and a serious fever.

Citric Acid: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Some believe that citric acid can be harmful, but its antioxidant properties and ability to promote heart health suggest otherwise.

Cascara Sagrada Extract: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

Cascara sagrada not only helps with constipation relief, but it also has antimicrobial properties and may potentially treat cancer.

Benfotiamine: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage |

If you haven’t heard of benfotiamine before, you should. In fact, if your body has a thiamine or benfotiamine deficiency, you may face serious health complications. These deficiencies have been linked to emotional disturbances, dangerous weight loss, impaired sensory perception, periods of irregular heart rate and much worse.