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10 Things to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Safety is vital when riding a bicycle, but no matter how care sensible you are, the probabilities are against you – vehicles far outnumber two-wheelers in Los Angeles. At some point, you or another rider may be in an accident involving a driver. Knowing what to do in the direct outcome can make a difference in how well you protect your claims, or those of a companion who may be rigorously injured. The following list can help you maintain control and preserve critical information:


1. Wait for the Police to Come

You and the driver involved in the accident are officially forced to remain at the scene if there have been damages. Even if you think you have not been hurt, wait for the police to reach. You may not realize you've been offended until later. Once you have left the place, it may be difficult to track down the driver.


2. Never Negotiate with the Driver

Don't negotiate with the motorist even if he or she say sorry and accepts the guilt. You may not be aware of the full point of your injuries to your bike, and the motorist may change his or her mind later and contradict the accident.


3. Obtain Driver Data

Exchange information with the driver, including: name, phone number, license number, plate number, address and insurance policy number.


4. Get Witness Contact Information

Write down the names and phone numbers of witnesses.


5. Document What Happened

Memorize every point about the accident: when, where and how it occurred; and road, traffic and climate conditions. ASAP, write everything down. Draw diagrams showing the position of everyone involved. You should include roads, signs and traffic lights. If you or a rider with you has a smart phone, use it to document the view, injuries and the vehicle(s) involved.


6. Make Sure the Police Take Your Statement

Police are occasionally more anxious with recording a driver's version of trials than a cyclist's. Make sure your report of what happened is included in the report. Report any injury, no matter how insignificant it may seem. If you cannot get your proclamation included in the statement at the scene, you can ask to have the report revised later. In any case, get the accident report number and write it down.


7. Seek Urgent Medical Care and Document Your Injuries

Even if your injuries are negligible, consult a doctor instantly and get a written assessment. Have pictures taken of injuries and record signs for several days.


8. Reserve Evidence

Keep any injured clothing and don't wash it. Keep broken bike parts and do not have your bike fixed. If it is extremely necessary to have it fixed, take pictures first and get a written document of the damages.


9. Never Negotiate with Coverage Firms

The motorist's insurance firm may call you and try to resolve before you have all the information ready to help your claim. Don't negotiate candidly with any insurance firm.


10. Seek Guidance from a Expert

Don't contact your insurance company before talking to a bicycle injury attorney in Los Angeles skilled in bicycle accident cases. An attorney can discuss with insurance companies on your behalf, hire a bicycle accident expert to examine the accident, and represent you in a claim if necessary.