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4 Differences between Fine Dining and Casual Dining restaurants - Must know facts!

Restaurant industries are expanding rapidly around the world and employ over 13 million workers and provide a generous income to the local government. Its popularity has resulted in many types of dining options. Here are the differences between a fine dining restaurant and a casual dining one.



One of the primary differences between fine dining and casual dining is in its price. The prices of a fine dining restaurant are usually and significantly higher when compared to other types of restaurants. For instance, even an entree can be priced at around $20 which is quite a lot. In casual dining restaurants, the prices of dishes are more moderate. You can expect entrees at a price of about $10, which is half of what you would be expecting to pay at a fine dining place. It is quite rare to see prices go beyond $20 in a casual dining restaurant. You can experience the best of both worlds in cities like Bangkok. Fine dining in Bangkok is a regal affair and you must check it out. You can check out a restaurant like Spice Market Bangkok for authentic Thai cuisine.


Service style

The next difference lies in how you will be served in such places. Fine dining restaurants have well-trained personnel and experienced staff to serve you. Their knowledge of food and wine will be superb which you will not find at an ordinary restaurant. Unlike the fine dining establishments, casual dining waiters are not exceptionally experienced or trained. The people who serve you will take your orders and help explain what is on the menu. The service style in casual dining restaurants is not that formal when compared to fine dining places. Having said that, customers will be served with professionalism in casual dining restaurants too.



Another unique feature that you will notice in a fine dining restaurant is its atmosphere. It is truly unique and the lighting in the establishment will help calm anyone's mood. The music that is played here will also reflect what the establishment stands for. The decor is of high quality and will add a flair of sophistication and elegance. Casual dining restaurants, on the other hand, will have an atmosphere that is quite a family friendly. Therefore, you can have a really good time at a casual dining restaurant when taking your children out. The atmosphere is quite relaxed, and you do not have to be on your toes.



The next aspect to watch out for will be the rules. In fine dining restaurants, they have very strict rules that the customers are expected to adhere to. For instance, some restaurants have a very strict dress code as well. Therefore, you will not be able to walk into the place in your shorts and flip-flops and must dress appropriately. If you are planning to take your partner on a romantic date to one of these establishments, make sure to know what the dress code is and inform your partner too. And as expected, casual dining restaurants are very well relaxed and do not adhere to these kinds of rules.