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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 28, 2020
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9 Tips to travelling Quy Nhon – A guide to help you plan your trip

The martial-art land in Vietnam, Quy Nhon is full of things to do. Its natural beauty, excellent accommodation, cuisine and economical transportation have made it a popular tourist spot.


Best time to visit

The period that lies between January and March is the best time to make a trip to Quy Nhon. During this time, the temperature waters down, and there's little chance of rain. Between September and December, there are outbursts of stormy rains, so, you need to avoid that period.



You can find numerous hotels and hostels in Quy Nhon. Coming up with a budget is important, and should be the first thing you do. Quy Nhon offers options that suit every budget – if you want luxury, there are luxury hotels in Quy Nhon, if you are after cheap accommodation, you can try a homestay and be in contact with the locals throughout your vacation. For an example of Quy Nhon accommodation, take a look at popular blog sites the likes of Quy Nhon Coastal Escape.


Travel insurance

Getting travel insurance is important before you travel anywhere. Getting one is hassle-free and easy; you can effortlessly find one online.


Booking flights

Needless to say, you need to book your flights early. Be on the lookout for cheap flights, discounts and airline offers.



Breathtakingly beautiful shorelines are the main highlight, and you can go on day trips and spend all day relaxing at a beach. Visiting night markets is a must. You can also get your hotel to arrange a fishing trip for you: there are charming islands around and exploring them is great fun. While there, try to get a taste of the local culture by interacting with the locals: go on a motorbike tour with a guide and explore the city. If you don't sample local food, your experience isn't complete. Visit a history museum and learn a bit about the history and there are structures that go back to the Shang Dynasty.



Fish noodles are a favourite dish in Quy Nhon; the dish is a delicious combination of stretchy noodles and fish; the fish head is used for making the broth. Crispy cake is another favourite, and a must-try while Quy Nhon, it has a very distinct flavour and you won't forget it in a hurry: the filling is made of shrimps, and the crust is delectably crunchy.


Sort out your visa

Getting your visa sorted is crucial before you land in Vietnam. The process can be a little daunting, but getting through it is a must: there are many companies that can help you with the visa process. Before travelling to the country, make sure all your documents are up to date; bring visa approval papers and cash: USD or EUR will do, but you have to tolerate the ridiculous conversion rates.



If you are planning to do a bit of shopping while in Quy Nhon, expect to haggle until you get a price you think is reasonable. The vendors try to inflate the prices when they see a tourist, but don't fall prey to that. The best thing you can do is to have an understanding of the local prices. Try not to appear wealthy; if they think you are rich, they will definitely try to fleece you. If you think that you are not getting a reasonable price, feel free to just walk away.


The dress code

You can wear shorts, tank tops and flipflops, but try not to walk around in your swimsuit, and when visiting religious sites, dress modestly.