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10 Must Try Street Foods in Phuket – Culinary Delights that will give you a sense of authentic Thailand

Phuket street food has long been tempting travellers to visit Phuket. Every food item is delicious yet simple. There's great variety, and street food is a quintessential feature of Phuket.


Pad Thai

This is the most popular Thai favourite. Pad Thai was originally a Chinese delight, but it made its way to Thailand. However, the dish is loved by Tourists more than locals. Pad Thai is made of fried noodles, garlic, red chilli pepper, palm sugar, dried shrimp, eggs, fish sauce and tofu. Even if you are in Phuket in search of Phuket real estate, and not on a food excursion, you must make time to enjoy a bowl of Pad Thai.



These are called roti by the locals, but they really are very similar to pancakes and as much tasty too. It comes with a delicious filling; the filling can be made of chocolate, banana, Nutella or condensed milk. Almost every food stall in Phuket sells pancakes, so, don't worry about not being able to sample Phuket pancakes.


Noodle Soups

This delicious concoction is made of noodles and meat. The meat item can be anything from pork to beef to chicken; you have the option of seafood too. The food cart will have a list displaying the ingredients; you can choose the ingredients according to your preference. You might also want to remind the vendor that you are not a fan of entrails.


Papaya Salad

You can find papaya salads almost everywhere in Thailand. It comes in a variety of styles; one of the most extreme versions is the one with fermented crab; the taste could be very strong for your liking. If you want to play it safe, you should go for Som Tum Thai; this is made of tomatoes, green beans, chillies and shredded papaya. If you don't specify the spice level you prefer, the cook will judge it for yourself; if you are a foreigner who doesn't speak the local language, you will get one chilli at most. You can be sure that you don't want the spicy level reduced to nothing, so, tell the cook about your preferred spice level.


Fried rice

Known to Thais as Khao Pad, fried rice is a favourite among the locals. It is made of rice, meat and eggs; you can choose pork or chicken, or you can opt for seafood. The dish is served with three slices of cucumber, and if you want an added salty punch, ask for a bit of fish sauce mixed with chopped chillies.


Grilled chicken

You can smell grilled chicken from miles away, and the streets of Phuket is suffused with the aroma of grilled chicken. This is more of a takeaway option than a sit-down meal. Grilled chicken is usually paired with sticky rice. If you are inspecting Layan Residences by Anantara, you can head down to Patong Beach and grab some grilled chicken to go.


Moo Ping

Much similar to grilled chicken, Moo Ping is skewered pork. It is very aromatic and can be spotted easily. Just make sure you don't stay near a Moo Ping longer than necessary if you don't want to smell like Moo Ping yourself.


Khao Ka Moo

This is rice served with stewed pork. Khao Ka Moo comes with a pork leg, both fat and skin are served, which might not be to your liking.


Fried Yellow Noodles

A bit like Pad Thai, but not exactly that, fried yellow noodles is made of noodles, chicken, pork or seafood. If you don't do spicy, a dish of fried yellow noodles is your safe option.


Thai Steamed Dumplings

These are made with pork and consumed with soy sauce. Dumplings are usually eaten for breakfast.