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An Interview with Steven Taylor - RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News

Though residential real estate may not change quite as dramatically as runway fashions, it nonetheless has cycles and can quickly transform based upon

Steven Taylor - Principal of NEME Capital

Entrepreneur and Principal of NEME Capital, Steven Taylor is a highly accomplished landlord and real estate investor in Los Angeles. His vast experience in the Southern California real estate market is demonstrated by his successful completion of over $500 million in transactions as the result of both acquisitions and dispositions.

What Is Commercial Real Estate? - Steven Taylor, Taylor Equities | Steven Taylor Landlord

Steven Taylor, of Taylor Equities, explains the different types of commercial real estate, defined as “any property owned to produce income.”

Home | Taylor Family Foundation

Taylor Family Foundation is a small family foundation created by Steven and Natalie Taylor in 2016. Steven and Natalie met in high school and from a young age shared a vision of making a difference in a world filled with many needs. Today, with their 3 young children, they begin their dream of giving back; this foundation is their vehicle to further demonstrate their commitment to "Tikkun O'lam,"  a Jewish value which means  to "Heal the World." They hope to identify programs that provide tools, support, and opportunity to both childrens' and homeless causes that facilitate long term change for its individuals. 

About Steven Taylor | Steven Taylor - Steven Taylor - Medium

I am a real estate professional, community leader, and family man who has completed over $500 million in transactions in the southern California real estate market. I currently manage the portfolio…

Can Home Flippers Still Make Money on Their Investment? - Realty Times

Once upon a time, less than two or three decades ago, buying a run-down home, revamping the building, and reselling the property was a very lucrative...

Understanding the positive side of owning commercial real estate | AZ Big Media

AZ Big Media Understanding the positive side of owning commercial real estate | AZ Big Media

Why it is Important to Give Back to Your Community (With Time, Not Just Money) : StevenTaylorLA

Volunteering for a cause or organization that you are passionate about is an incredibly rewarding experience. Steven Taylor a landlord in the Los Angeles area believes that giving back to your community enriches your life, establishes roots in your local culture, and connects you with new people and ideas who change your perspective. Volunteering your time is a way to help the people around you while you grow as an individual and increase your understanding of the world. While donating money to a charity or foundation is a noble contribution, giving your time and energy has a rippling and profound effect on the community at large.

Why You Need a Mentor (And How to Find One) - Steven Taylor - Medium

Many people ask me how I got my start in real estate and becoming a landlord. After attending the University of California Santa Barbara for college, a family member I admired suggested real estate…

Common Mistakes First Time Landlords Make — Steven Taylor

The rental industry can be a fantastic business to be in, and becoming a landlord can be a rewarding endeavor. But similar to any industry you may enter without previous experience, there are…

Looking For Value: How to Find a Good Deal on an Apartment Complex — Steven Taylor

When looking for a good deal on an apartment complex, you should be looking at a variety of factors to determine value. Value isn’t simply about a building’s cost — a good deal is determined by cash…

The Difference in Becoming a Landlord in a Big City Versus a Suburb : StevenTaylorLA

Your experience as a landlord will be different each time you invest. Being a rental property owner can yield different results based on the area, market, property, residents, and other industry factors. If you are considering purchasing an investment property, you should evaluate all of your options. Here are a few differences to keep in mind when deciding whether becoming a landlord in a big city or a suburb is right for you.

Steven Taylor of Taylor Equities: A Guide to Landlord-Tenant Responsibilities - Steven Taylor

I am a real estate professional, philanthropist, and family man who has completed over $500 million in transactions. I currently manage the portfolio of Taylor Equities.

What to Look for When Buying a Distressed Property

If you are thinking about buying a distressed property as a real estate investment, there are many factors to consider before making a purchase. Investment decisions should never be made in haste, especially for a new landlord.

Steven Taylor of Taylor Equities: Steven Taylor, Taylor Equities - Things to Consider When Renting Commercial Properties

I am a real estate professional, philanthropist, and family man who has completed over $500 million in transactions. I currently manage the portfolio of Taylor Equities.

Why Invest in Apartments? -Steven Taylor of Taylor Equities

As an investor, I receive a lot of questions from those who are interested in entering the real-estate industry. One of the most common questions I am asked is: “Why invest in apartments?”…

Steven Taylor of Taylor Equities -The role of a Real Estate Private Equity Firm | Steven Taylor of…

According to Steven Taylor of Taylor Equities a real estate private equity firm raises capital from investors. These investors are called Limited Partners. They then use the capital to obtain and…

How to Balance Business and Family Time as an Entrepreneur | Steven Taylor Landlord

LA area landlord, Steven Taylor, discusses the delicate balance of business and family time. The importance of focusing on family.

What Coaching My Kids in Sports has Taught me About Life and Business | Steven Taylor Landlord

Coaching my kid’s sports teams has not only helped me stay connected to my children, but has also taught me lessons about life and business.

Having a Work Life Balance Increases Productivity | Steven Taylor Landlord

According to landlord Steven Taylor, neglecting to nurture a healthy work-life balance can actually be detrimental to your success.

4 Factors to Keep in Mind When Investing in Apartment Complexes | Steven Taylor Landlord

When considering investing in anything, according to Steven Taylor, Landlord in LA , the question you should always ask is: Why is this a good deal?

3 Uncertain Conditions that Impact a Landlord and Apartment Building Investments | Steven Taylor Landlord

If you're considering being a landlord and investing in an apartment building, it is essential to first evaluate the local market.

What a First Time Landlord Needs to Know | Steven Taylor Landlord

If you’re a first time landlord, take the time to thoroughly research the industry and you will be set up for success.- Steven Taylor

What Makes Rental Properties a Good Investment | Steven Taylor Landlord

Why become a landlord? There are many other less commonly considered factors that make rental properties a solid investment.