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10 Exotic Middle Eastern Food in Doha - Top 10 Middle Eastern Delicacies in Doha

As one of the true pleasures of a holiday in Doha, sampling local delights is a must for first time visitors. Here are 10 traditional dishes to dig into on your next trip to the Qatari capital.



Also known as a Turkish Bagel, hot and pining Simits are sold on food carts all around the city of Doha. As a conventional snack item, the large doughnut like bagel features poppy seed or sesame seed crusts and is a popular breakfast time meal option for many locals. Unlike bagels, however, Simits are consumed plain and without cream cheese or butter.



As Qatar's national dish, no trip to Doha would be complete without digging into this conventional stew. Featuring meat and seafood, the stew which is cooked in a plethora of spices is a delicious and wholesome starter for those looking for a spicy broth to serve as the precursor to their Qatari meal.


Akbar Joojeh

This saffron chicken dish is a treat for those who love charred chicken dishes but a special twist in this Middle Eastern kebab is that it is infused with pomegranate sauce while a dash of citrus can also be detected in every bite. Marinated in saffron for several hours the bright yellow colour is hard to miss.



As a Middle Eastern confectionary that's revered around the world, Halwa ranks among the best sweets for sale in Qatar. Head to one of Doha's many sweets shops to sample this sugary dessert item that also makes an excellent souvenir and gift item for tourists who wish to take something uniquely Qatari and delectable home.



Doha may not have invented mocktails but the Qatari capital has come up with some of the most creative beverage options for those who love cocktails free of alcohol. The Wild Lavender is a big hit with its infusion of pomegranate, hibiscus, lemon and of course lavender while the Kanari is a treat for those who appreciate tropical juices.



This crumbly and delicious pastry is another Middle Eastern classic and the dessert has several variations including ones that sandwiches vanilla ice cream in between the pastry sheets. The distinct flavour of the Baklava comes from the crushes nuts such as pistachios and walnuts that are tossed in to the dish while the filo pastry also adds to the texture.



While it may not be official, Qatar's favourite beverage by far is the Karak or white specialty coffee. Travellers based at Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels By Tivoli or any other hotels in Doha Qatar will find cafes selling Karak all across the city.



Porridge fans must take the time to seek out this whole some and milky rice porridge dish infused with butter, chicken, cardamom and beans.



Another dessert that's featured on every local menu, this dumpling is not only flavoured with saffron and cardamom but deep fried to perfection and then dipped in a sugar syrup.


Turmeric Latte

Health fanatics aren't the only ones who rave about this iconic Middle Eastern cuppa that combines a host of spices to give an ordinary latte a real twist.

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